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Masculinity: Slavery in the United States Essay

Things F all(prenominal) Apart was written in the 1890s, when blancheds went to Nigeria. The fiction shows the clash between the whites and the culture of the Igbo passel. The novel is al just about a gay named Okonkwo, and his growth for respect, fortune and power which in the depot leads to his expected death. His enceinte power did not trace to an end because of colonization, plainly sooner his downfall was his obsession with masculinity. The level of Frederick Douglass also defines masculinity. The narrative of Frederick Douglass took derriere in America.During slavery, Frederick Douglass was limited to plantation work because blacks were not seen as organism capable to achieve more in life besides that did not stop him. Even though some(prenominal) men came from two contrary backgrounds, they both had a way of portraying their masculinity. There are umteen things in life that can either make us palmy or leads us to failure. In things Fall Apart, Okonkwos alarme d he leave operate a failure like his father. He struggled to be as different from his deceased father as possible.He believes his father to sop up been weak, effeminate, lazy, ignominious, and poor. Consequently, Okonkwo strives to be strong, masculine, industrious, respected, and wealthy (pg 4). This drove him to recklessness, and added to his death. He began to let the thought of fear of failure and of weakness to control his life finished the novel (pg 13). Okonkwo believed felling an sense or showing one was a sign of weakness. He said, When did you become a shivering old woman, Okonkwo asked himself, you, who are known in all the nine vill suppurates for your valor in war?How can a man who has killed five men in battle fall to pieces because he has added a boy to their number? Okonkwo, you feel become a woman and so (pg 65). He began to talk to himself so much about how weak he was becoming. It got to the point where he believed showing an emotion was a sign of weakness . In chapter twenty, Okonkwo had a talk with Obierika and he mat as though whites have taken over their tradition and culture but Obierika explained to him that the whites did nothing to his people. His people betrayed their own.He says, Obierika points out the impossibility of the colonialists understanding anything about the Umuofians without speaking their language. He points out the ludicrousness of denigrating unfamiliar customs. Yet, Obierika does not lay the blame whole on the side of the white man. He feels also that the Umuofians who have converted to Christianity have consciously and wrongly turned their backs on their own brothers (pg 174-175). other one of Okonkwos weaknesses was portrayed through the way he define masculinity so narrowly.Even though Okonkwo was a part of a male-controlled companionship and the male gender was already established with great office staff he assuage felt like he had to control everything as a man should do. He was scared to adapt t o this change because he felt this go out make him less of a man. He says, The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a dig on the things that held us to breakher and we have fallen apart (pg 176).He was not able to adapt to the clashing values of both societies and the ever-changing ways around him. He could not accept the fact that in a colonized society he would be an average person, rather than a distinguished and powerful male. By adapting to his own idea of masculinity he rejected everything that his father stood for cowardice, gentleness, and laziness. Okonkwo stood for bravery, courage, hard work, and at many magazines, felt violence was the only answer to his solution. Okonkwo lived in a patriarchal society where males dominated, and he took advantage of this authority.He associated masculinity with aggression and felt that ire was the only emotion that he should display. Frederick Douglass was a man who stood for what he believed without permit fear taking control of him. Likewise, Frederick Douglas was born in February 1818. At the age of ten or eleven, Douglass is sent to live in Baltimore with Hugh and Sophia Auld. Douglass overhears a conversation between them and comes to understand that whites maintain power over black slaves by keeping them uneducated. Douglass resolves to educate himself and escape from slavery.Douglass struggles to free himself, mentally and physically, from slavery. During this time, African Americans were very limited to do anything. All he precious was independence from slavery so he can feel like a man. Douglas was an abolitionist who was dedicated to learn. He was motivated to teach himself how to read and deliver because he did not want to be a slave for the equipoise of his life. Frederick Douglass was driven to succeed. Frederick Douglas s was a slave at one point but gained his freedom through his education. He says, What he most dreaded, that I most desired (Douglass pg 19).Douglass knew his master did not want him to learn how to read and write, besides he was thirsty and attempted to unwrap himself. Frederick Douglass is a man who had a lot of potential. Frederick Douglass saw the cultural differences between blacks and whites, yet he still focused on his goals and motivated himself. Even though Douglas knew that whites had the mentality that They were better than blacks, he still focused on his goals. Frederick Douglas never looked down on education because he knew what the outcome of his goal would bring. Moreover, Frederick Douglass was a self-motivated man who wanted to have freedom.He claims, When I was sent of errands, I always took my view as with me, and by going one part of my errand quickly, I found time to get a lesson before my return (Douglass pg 22). With Douglass ambition, he was ready to get h is freedom without thinking about the consequences because he knew his hard work will pay off one day. Frederick Douglass is the definition of a man and a leader because he was honest, straightforward, inspiring, and competent. Many great men have come and gone but Frederick Douglass will always have a great influence on many generations because of his drive to get his freedom and education. procreation is something one needs. It will be hard for many to function through life without an education and he showed anyone can do it if they put their take care to it. There were many differences between Okonkwo and Frederick Douglass but both men had a purpose in life as men and I believed they both accomplished what they were looking for even though ones went better than the other. Okonkwos expiry was not because of colonization, but rather his downfall was attributed by his obsession with masculinity. The narrative of Frederick Douglass was the definition of masculinity.

Cinderella vs Ella Enchanted

Cinderella vs Ella delight The chronicle of Cinderella has been perceive and read for many an(prenominal) generations. The idea of rags to wealthiness has appealed to countless indorsers through variable accounts. The p fate of Cinderella has buy the farm a tralatitious theme. Through contrasting cultures and eras the theme has seen many copies, remakes, twists and views in literature, theater and learn. Todays era of blended families and conflicts in ground level statuses may be why Cinderella has been a somaic. One of those twists is seen in the acquire Ella enchant. Ella Enchanted is non the same fib, Cinderella redone, except has equivalent theme with varying differences.A version of Cinderella has been writ ten by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brothers collected and researched folk tales earliest in the 19th century in Germany at a cartridge holder of the French invasion under Napoleon in an effort to husband the folklore stories. The brothers be recognized as pioneers in the field of folklore research (ONiell). Although it was not their original intention, the brothers became famous childrens literature writers. Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm were born(p) in Hanau, Germany. Jacob was born on January 4, 1785 and Wilhelm on February 24, 1786 to Philipp Wilhelm and Dorothea Grimm (Ashliman).The brothers up working began in a middle class lifestyle. Things drastically changed upon the death of their father in 1796. With financial assistance from an aunt Jacob and Wilhelm move to Kassel to attend Lyzeum. They proved themselves through hard work and ten hours a day studying. Sharing the same quarters, the coarse hours of immersing themselves in their studies was in effort to cope with loneliness and enduring social slights. Both brothers gradational head of their class. Wilhelm, already in poor health, suffered under the strict educational schedule. He struggled with bouts of asthma (ONiell).In 1808 the brothers lost their en gender leaving Jacob and Wilhelm to parcel out family matters and provide for their siblings (Tartar 391). Jacob accepted a position as a librarian in Kassel and Wilhelm soon joined him. It is during this cartridge clip that the brothers began collecting folklore. In 1812 their prototypal volume, Childrens and Household Tales, is published. Wilhelm passed away at the age of 73 in celestial latitude 1859 followed by Jacob in September 1863 at the age of 78 (Ashliman). Their stories generate been redone and retold many times over. One such reputation line is seen in the movie Ella Enchanted, financed by Miramax films and directed by Tommy OHaver.Tommy OHaver, born October 1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana, began his c areer making Super-8 movies at a boylike age (IMDb. com Tommy OHaver). canvass journalism, he intended to become an art critic and moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to work in the film industry. He began in the mailroom at tonic Line and worked his way up to video publ icity. During his studies at University of Southern California, he made several short films that were sh birth at film festivals that received dictatorial responses. He directed Billys Hollywood Screen osculate in 1998 and Get Over It in 2001 before directing Ella Enchanted in 2004 (Tommy OHaver).He continues to direct with six more(prenominal) features under his course credit up to his most recent film, An American Crime, in 2007. Miramax Films, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, backed the production of Ella Enchanted. The company was founded by the Weinstein brothers, Bob and Harvey, in 1979. In 1993 they sold Miramax to the Disney company for the greater stability that outside funding would bring (Uhle). The company would still remain in New York however films would be distributed through Buena Vista, another subsidiary of Disney.In 2005 they left and formed their own company but Miramax remained a part of Disney. The story of Cinderella opens with the death of her bring forth and the grief she feels of her loss. Soon her father remarries a woman with two daughters. Although the daughters were charming on the outside, on the inside they were not. Cinderella was soon forced into a life of domestic servitude. A branch received from her father that she requested grows into a beautiful tree after her tears of sorrow water it. The slight bird that sits in the tree is somehow magical as it gives Cinderella what she wishes.Upon tuition of the tercet day festival where the prince is to choose a bride, she begs her stepmother to go but is ref employ. With the assistance of the bird Cinderella attends the event. Her identity is not revealed so the price does not know who she is. Captivated by her, he attempts to keep her after her impolite departure with one gold-covered slipper left behind. The tell tale doves propound the prince of to each one stepsisters falsehood until he comes to Cinderella. The slipper fits utterly and he recognizes the miss as his on-key love. Confirmed by the minor doves, the prince marries Cinderella (Grimm).This version by the Grimm Bothers does not give a specific time or place setting but being a folklore tale one can assume it was in a time long past were the idea of courtship and romance was different than in like a shots reality. The plots rising action began with an invitation to a three day festival where the price is to choose a bride. Cinderella wishes to go but was given the task of sorting lintels not once but doubly which she accomplished with the aid of modest birds. Even though the chore was established Cinderella was refused to attend the festival by her stepmother.The bird in the tree over her mothers grave gave Cinderella clothes, one outfit each day, with each one more beautiful than the previous. She attended the festival where all prise her and the price is entranced by her beauty. Each day of her departure the price tries to find out who she is but she is able to el ude him. On the exsert day she lost a slipper and the price declares he entrust marry the woman whom the slipper fits. The drastic measures the stepsisters exe whoope were revealed to the price by the bird in the tree. The climax happens when Cinderella tied on the slipper and it fit. In the same moment the prince had an epiphany.He recognized her as the beautiful girl he danced with. In conclusion the price married her and at the matrimony the stepsisters eyes were pecked out by doves as punishment when they tried to crystalize favor with Cinderella to share in her good fortune (Grimm). Depending on what the reader views in the story, each can come out with a different moral. The standard would be good will triumph over despicable or goodness is rewarded while evil is punished. On a more humorous side, ever so be nice to your siblings because you never know if they are ever going to be richer than you. These morals are a elfin different and so the movie Ella Enchanted.In th e film Ella Enchanted the story begins with the birth of Ella and the salute, obedience, which is scoop upowed upon her by her fag godmother, Lucinda. As Ella grows up she is plagued by the gift of obeying everything that she is told to do. Her father remarries after her mother passes away. Fed up with being at everyones will but her own, especially her stepmother and two stepsisters, she sets off to find Lucinda to take back the gift. With her traveling companions, a talking book and an monkey she met along the way, her adventure has her outwitting magical creatures and unscrupulous characters in her goal to strive control of life.At one point she just misses her faggot godmother at a Giants wedding reception. Along the way she crosses paths with the kingdoms perfection pietyed prince, Prince combustmont, who accompanies Ella on her journey and along the way they fall in love. Avoiding let the prince know she must obey what she is told to do, she is determined find her fair y godmother and get into control over her own self. Fighting off the drive to charge the prince, ordered by his greedy evil uncle, Ella is able to break bighearted of the cursed gift. She discovers what is inside her is stronger than any spell (Ella Enchanted).In the films establishing shot the camera has the viewer seeing through its eye slide through an ached bell tower high above a little middle ages town and soaring over the countryside cottages with straw roofs, green meadows spot with patches of thick forests and fields of ripening vegetables. Color was throughout the film from dry lands to the characters clothing. The story was mostly told by a narrator who spoke in create verbally verses that gave the viewer his point of view and through Ellas. Background music was used when Ellas new stepmother arrived at the home that gave the essence of upper class, civilization and pose.When Mandy showed Ella her boyfriend, Benny who was a book, light aired twinkling could be hea rd that emphasized magic was involved. Many cuts and intercuts were used in varying scenes. The first off ones were used early in the film of Ella at her dying mothers bedside with close-ups to show the feeling each charter was having during the conversation as well as Ella obeying. Several cuts were in the scene of a school day class debate and some close-ups from Hattie to Ella as each spoke and Areidas, Ella best friend, facial expressions. A humorous cut was employed as Ells was stand ext to a poison ivy patch when she was told to pick some flowers for a family photo then cut to the next day of her stepmother and stepsisters covered in an itching rash with Eritha Franklins song Respect as the background music. some other cut that showed different viewpoints was applied as the viewer seen Prince Char and Ella on horseback riding up a hillside then cut to what they were seeing, enslaved giants laboring in the vegetable field. In the scene at a giants wedding reception and near the films end at the investiture ceremony many cuts were used cover different angles of characters, dancers, Ella and the prince.A railing shot was used, viewed from above, of Ella leaving through a back door of her home first viewed close then track away widening the shot to see Ella walk down the sidewalk. Another was of Prince Charmont sitting in a throne style chair close-up then the camera tracked away down the isle at the coronation ceremony filling the view of his audience. Other than the films shots it throws in some real life issues. The film has some integrity as it does deal with some serious problems. The main plot focused on Ella trying to find Lucinda to take back the gift of obedience.A subplot dealt with the swelled conditions that many of the magical beings in the kingdom had to live under. Racial parti pris and segregation is a timeless subject and is still dealt with to date. Many of differing backgrounds and heritages are mistreated and cast aside. A believa ble solution is a soulfulness with political function can change the laws of the land as bell Charmont could when he became king. But the movie was not a whole lot true to life. A moral to the story is find the inner medium and courage inside you and with them you can change your world we have the power to change within ourselves.Another moral is that you shouldnt have to always do what people tell you and be yourself, no matter what anyone else tells you to be. beingness a fairytale Ella Enchanted does violate probability with magical degraded fairies, gift curses, talking snake in the grass and book. The movie contained many stereotypes of flesh empty ogres, dancing and singing elves, greedy schemers, ignorant handsome royalty, ninja fighting, sneaky snake and rock concert teen idol worshiping females. there were also a couple of references to the Grimm Brothers and their fairytales. Cinderella and Ella Enchanted bear some resemblances.A beautiful young maiden, treated bad ly by her family, is assisted by magic to procure a goal. She is upgraded to a stately position by a person of royalty and is loved for her own good qualities (Kennedy). The young prince is depicted as handsome and genuinely anatomy. Similarities aside, Ella is a Cinderella of the twentieth century. Suppose Picasso had decided during his cubistic period to paint the Cinderella story. The familiar elements the heroine, her sinister stepfamily, Prince Charming, the glass slipper would be on the canvas somewhere, but tipped over and looking freaky.Something similar goes on in Ella Enchanted, a lively deconstruction of the hoary fairy tale. (Stein). Unlike Cinderella who wants the handsome prince Ella is a headstrong woman who refuses to swoon over a charming prince (movies. com). She is not a wish only kind of person. Both protagonists obey orders Cinderella does so willingly where as Ella does so unwillingly but must due to her gift. Both have the same resister evil controlling stepmother and cruel stepsisters. Ella Enchanted goes further with including dealing with a greedy scheming uncle and his equally sneaking sidekick snake.Cinderella receives aid to be no longer taken advantage of where as Ella takes it upon herself to do something astir(predicate) it. A glass slipper comes into play not in its traditional guise as a way to take the measure of the true Cinderella but as an item for sale at a topical anaesthetic bazaar (Stein). Ella Enchanted is more of a modern take than the Cinderella princess fairy tale. Each story entertains an audience of their time. Cinderella is a more charming non-humorous haul with beautiful gowns, little doves and a hazel tree as compared to Ella Enchanted that is riddled with comedy and modern references.The combination of a magical world with wand wielding fairies, elves, giants, ogres and twentieth century pop culture humor gives the film a spellbinding appeal. The film incorporates a teen idol worship type culture with scenes of screaming maidens swooning over the dashing prince. There are pictures and posters in Medieval teen (magazine in film) and going to the mettle Ages mall. Ella Enchanted gives a present day twist to the rags to riches idea. Cinderella is one of the most recognized tales and the theme appears in stories of many cultures.It has invigorate countless books, films, and dreams of young girls. The crosses of blended families and conflicts of classes through generations may be why the story has been a classic. Cited Works Ashliman, D L. Grimm Brothers Home Page. 2009. University of Pittsburgh. 3 July 2009 . Ella Enchanted. Dir. Tommy OHaver. Perf. Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy. 2004. DVD. Miramax Films. Grimm, Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm. The Annotated Brothers Grimm. Trans. mare Tartar. New York W. W Nortoin & Company, Ltd, 2004. IMDb. com Tommy OHaver. IMDb. com, Inc. 6 July 2009 . Kennedy, Elizabeth. Cinderella, Cinderella Online Resources. About. comChildrens Books. 20 Jun e 2009 . ONiell, Thomas. Guardians of the fag Tale The Brothers Grimm. Grimms Fairy Tales. 1999. National Geographic. 5 July 2009 Stein, Ruthe. Ella Enchanted is not your grandmothers Cinderella. SFGate. 9 Apr. 2004. 22 June 2009 . Synopses for Ella Enchanted (2004). Mooviees. 2002. 22 June 2009 . Tommy OHaver. Hollywood. com Tommy OHaver. Hollywood. com, LLC. 6 July 2009 . Uhle, Frank. Miramax Film Corporation. BNET. 1993. CBS Interactive Inc. 6 July 2009 .

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Ethnic Conflict Essay

2. Discuss the pith that modernisation has had on ethnic identification and ethnic conflict. The effect modernization has had on ethnic identification and ethnic conflict is not a great one. Early modernization theorists, who were quite optimistic about the supportive effects of literacy, urbanization, and modern values, clearly underestimated the extent to which these factors might mobilize various ethnic groups and set them against each other (Handelman, 2011, p. 113).Modernization challenged traditional religious, national, and tribal identities by undercutting traditional ethnic practices and values. A huge part of real modernization is globalization, which pose an even greater challenge. The long-term effect of the expanding serviceman culture advanced by globalization are not alone clear (Handelman, 2011, p. 114). Globalized culture can create a backlash and attach tensions between neighboring communities as not everyone can ethically place with each other.3. What are s ome reasons that might explain why major civil strife related to to ethnicity has declined in the last 10-15 years? whatever reasons that might explain why major civil strife related to ethnicity has declined in the last 10-15 years are statecraft, constitutional arrangements and external intervention. In addition, the transition to a democratic government has aided in the decline. set about with common critical environmental, social and economic matters for the previous 10 to 15 years, different ethnic groups came to what socialist have called a culture of accommodation. allowance is the practice which contradictory groups take a crap a mindful attempt to make working arrangements with in them which then suspend the conflict and make their dealing more acceptable and reduce wasteful energy.

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Environmental Sciences Essay

In 1990 the Congress nominated the 9515 kmA? Florida Keys National Marine insane asylum ( FKNMS ) as portion of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration s ( NOAA ) National Marine Sanctuary Program. The question residue for this appellation was to cheer the precious coral let downs, sea grasses, Rhizophora mangles, and different marine resources of the Florida Keys ( Suman et al, 1999 ) . NOAA was ordered by the Legislation ( P.L. 101-605, A7 ( a ) ( 2 ) ) to develop a temporal and spatial districting scheme as portion of the Sanctuary Management send off to set about(predicate)(predicate) resource defendion ( Suman, 1997 ) .NOAA coordinated the Draft Management proposal that was focus on be afterwarding attempts on action programs. The Zoning effect Plan fancyd five distinguishable types of zones Refilling Militias, Sanctuary Preservation Areas ( SPAs ) , Wild demeanor Management Areas, Special-use Areas, and existent Management Areas ( NOAA, 1995 Bohnsac k, 1997 Suman et al, 1999 ) . The permutation Reserves ( Key Largo, Sambos and Dry Tortugas ) and the SPAs were to be no-take countries, with exploitative utilizations restricted. The SPAs scram the end to avoid concentrations of utilizations that could ensue in important falloffs in species populations or home ground or to cut down struggles in the midst of utilizations ( NOAA, 1995 ) .Special-Use Areas were similarly proposed and were designated for look unless. The Wildlife Management Areas were designated to restrain human entree to skirt nesting and hanging countries, every morsel good as polo-neck nesting sites ( Suman et al, 1999 ) .In 1996 the concluding Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary ( FKNMS ) Final Management Plan was released, with round changes from the venerable Draft Plan. The change in the Zoning Action Plan, included merely one short(p) no return reticence ( Western Sambos ) of the three that it originally had proposed ( NOAA, 1996 ) and th e postponed of the constitution of the big Dry Tortugas Replenishment Reserve. The name Replenishment Reserve was changed to Ecological Reserve to reflect world concerns over the intent of these countries ( NOAA, 1996 ) . In 2001 the Tortugas Ecological Reserve was implemented ( dactyl 1 ) . approach pattern 1 Florida Keys National Marine SanctuaryWhen the NOAA s bill of flip-flop perpetration program was developed, Suman et Al ( 1999 ) and Shivlani & A Suman ( 2000 ) did a survey to frogmans s perceptual experiences and attitudes of the direction schemes and ordinances of this program.The tourism in the Florida KeysIn 1995-96, the tourist sideslip articulation exceeded 3 billion and an estimated 31.3 % of the visitants participated in nosedive event or snorkel diving activities. Many of the 80,000 lasting occupants participated in the same activities as the tourers did ( Leeworthy & A Wiley 1996 ) . particular activities, such as the mini-season spiny lobster attract over 30,000 frogmans within a individual hebdomad to the Keys ( Hunt, 1994 ) .The Florida Keys continue to develop its urbanisation due to the charter of people that live, plainly largishly, to the tourers that visit the islands. The roads ( US 1 ) and the Bridgess associating the islands permitted the influx of people to the islands to about 80,000 lasting people ( Smith & A Nogle, 2001 ) in add-on to a 2,5 million visitants and seasonal tourers.Tourism with 76.8 million visitants in 2004 ( a record figure ) , Florida is the top travel finish in the universe. The tourism industry has an economic bear on of $ 57 jillion on Florida s economic governing body. hypertext transfer protocol // tabid=95Historic Economic Impact wide Tourism Spending ( Tourism/Recreation Taxable Gross saless ) 1999-20041999 $ 44.6 one thousand million2000 $ 48.5 billion2001 $ 48.6 billion2002 $ 49.5 billion2003 $ 51.5 billion2004 $ 57.1 billi on2005 $ 62.0 billionEntire deposit Gross saless Tax Grosss from Tourism 1999-20041999 $ 2.7 billion2000 $ 2.9 billion2001 $ 2.9 billion2002 $ 3.0 billion2003 $ 3.0 billion2004 $ 3.4 billion2005 $ 3.7 billionNumber of Persons Directly Employed by Tourism Industry 1999-20041999 826,2002000 842,9002001 864,5002002 862,9002003 874,7002004 920,7002005 948,700hypertext transfer protocol // million tourers periodic 13.3 million visitor-days yearly spend US $ 1.2 billion yearly coastal and Marine Waterss support 28.3 million occupations and United States coastal countries atomic number 18 the finish for 180 million yearly.( Causey, 1998 )Those 2,5 million visitants cause a large impact in the Keys as it needsGoodall and Stabler ( 1997 ) affirm that touristry induce bounds of acceptable alteration to local environmental conditions can be understood at distinguishable degrees. For Collins ( 1999 ) , there argon various readings of sustainable touristry that make even harder to find local environmental transporting capacity bounds for touristry activity. Stakeh former(a)ers determine impacts in a different manner ( Van der Duim and Caalders, 2002 ) , so when a program or a extenuation atomic number 18 creation done to seek to minimise the impacts that tourists activities whitethorn h nonagenarian and go to to a sustainable education, all the local users agree to take part on it. It is in addition deserving to look for the tourer s position, because they will be the 1s that will be coming back, divulgating the topographic foreland and bring forthing capital to it.When we talk about touristry activities impacts, nearly of the surveies discuss about their impact in the environment, such as when frogmans argon treading in coral reefs ( Fig. 11a ) , sense of touch the animate beings ( doing them much than susceptible to diseases ) , interrupting corals ( i.e. cleaning a settlement ) , suspending d eposits ( smothering corals and filters animate beings ) or slapping corals with fives during aqualung diving or snorkel diving ( Fig. 11b ) ( Hawkins & A Roberts, 1992, 1993, 1997 Davis & A Tisdell, 1995 Rouphael & A Inglis, 1995 Hawkins et al. , 1999 Walters & A Samways, 2001 Krob, 2002 Tonioli et al. , 2004 ) when people paddle into the reefs while kayaking ( interrupting the corals and touching animate beings ) when people feed fish during boating activities ( disequilibrium in nutrient ironss in the eco frame ) ( Krob, 2002 Tonioli, 2003 ) ( Fig. 11c ) when the boats anchor on reefs ( aching or killing corals ) ( Fig.11d ) and throw oil and wastewaters ( besides solid state methamphetamine hydrochloride ) ( pollution and lessening in weewee quality ) into the H2O and cruise ships environmental impacts such as resuspension of deposits, turbidness, wastewaters, among others ( Lester and Weeden, 2004 Murray & A Associates, 2005 ) among many others environmenta l impacts.Figure 11 ( a ) birdbrain treading on coral reefs ( B ) A five hitting a coral reef ( degree Celsius ) clumpr feeding the fish ( degree Celsius ) Anchoring on coral reefs.The nature-based touristry in the Keys is wholly depended on the coral reef s quality, as the touristry industry attracts 1000s of amateurish leghorns, frogmans, snorkelers, and glass-bottom boat users to the part ( Bhat, 2003 ) . Consequently the Marine militias realised there argon expected to better the reef environment, peculiarly coral and fish copiousness and diverseness ( Bhat, op. cit ) .In South Florida, tourists spend more $ 1.2 billion, which has a potency of bring forthing $ 2.94 billion in entire end product and $ 1.69 billion in income through with(predicate)out the regional economic system ( Bhat, op cit ) .As a consequence of increasing demands for entree to the coral reef for recreational and commercial-gradeised utilizations, this Marine ecosystem has shown marks of unsustaina bility in the last old ages ( Bhat, op cit ) . If Restoration attempts argon non shortly done to diminish the existent assess of debasement, the Florida coral reef is expected to vanish in less than 10-25 old ages ( The New York Times, 1994 ) .This unsustainability is attemptting every prison term more seeable and tourers ar detecting the environmental debasements and effects causes for quality of life. Subsequently, the touristry rankings ushers began to worsen, mentioning stretches of commercial optic pollution along stretches of US 1 ( Klinger, 1999 ) . In the face of the dependency of the local economic system on touristry, some local occupants are already oppugning the perceptual experience of promoting touristry growing ( Lynch, 1999d ) .Besides that, the Florida Keys belt up leads the State in cost of life indices, particularly inhabit indices, being Key West the 4th near expensive land and lodging market in the U.S. ( Clark, 2002 ) . This leads to a hard adversity for service heavens employees ( Lynch et al. , 1999 ) and to a commercial shifting endeavor from locally own stores and eating houses to national ironss ( Deford, 1999 ) .Park et Al ( 2002 ) put out that scientists and ecologists should hear the importance to set up nonmarket values of coral reefs which can be used as excitants in measuring the overall cost effectuality of coral reef direction and extenuation plans. The debasement of such environment and the menaces to the H2O quality in the Keys has been a menace to the economic system of the topographic point ( Kruczynski and McManus, 2002 ) .All Keys stakeholders ( commercial and recreational users of resources, conservationists, scientists, resource directors, occupants and visitants ) insure that the diminution in H2O quality is endangering of import resources. Causey ( 2002 ) believes that the grounds of that diminution could be the deficiency of fresh H2O come ining the Florida Bay foods from home(prenominal) effluent via shallow-well stormwater overflow incorporating heavy metals, fertilisers, insect powders, and other contaminations pollution from marinas and live-aboard vass wretched flushing of canals and embayments accretion of dead seagrasses and algae along the shoreline deposit and environmental alterations associated with hatchdering(a) clime alteration and lifting sea-level. Bing the to the senior highest degree obvious causes of decline non-point-source discharges and habitat debasement, the development and overexploitation, and alterations in reef fish populations because of over-fishing ( Keller and Causey, 2005 ) .The touristry activities call for a direction due to the impacts caused by it, with schemes that consider disproportional usage to efficaciously value the part s environmental resources, sing limited-entry system for honkytonk operators ( Shivlani & A Suman, 2000 ) and other users. The direction every bit good should hold the amour of all stakeholders. There are a batch of struggles between stakeholders, as the Plan for the FKMNS create zones, which in some of them piscaries are non allowed but plunging and snorkeling are, when those last two can besides be impacting to the environmental if the frogmans are non cognizant of saving of the coral reefs, if their boats slop oil and throw rubbish into the ocean. It is a conflicting state of affairs, as there is zones merely for scuba diving and snorkeling with berthing buoys ( forestalling grounding on the reefs ) , but those zones do non hold a bound figure of frogmans that could be in it incomplete a environmental information with frogmans to do them cognizant of the impacts they may do ( touching the corals, interrupting it, resuspending deposits, etc ) and enforcement to see if the Scuba Diving Operators and Boating activities are esteeming it.In relation to those zones, the major struggles are among fishers and scuba dive operation, as fishers felt up extremely alienated from the o peration of zone appellation and displayed a thought of impotence with regard to what they considered to be an effort to except their group from the harvest-festival refugia ( Suman et al, 1999 ) . The piscaries in the Keys are divided into commercial, recreational and charter fishing. close to of the commercial piscaries catch is harvest outside the boundaries of the FKNMS ( Milon et al, 1997 ) .GoalThe chief end of this paper is to equate frogmans perceptual experiences of direction schemes and ordinances in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary positions with their perceptual experiences when the FKNMS was implemented ( comparing the consequences obtained here with the consequences obtained by Suman & A Shivlani ( 1998 ) that had interviewed the Diving operations when the Sanctuary was foremost implemented ) . And besides, through the interviews, detect how the FKNMS does socioeconomic impact the diving industry in the Florida Keys.MethodologyA graded random sample of the Dive and snorkel breather Operators was selected from a list of all known operators/owner in the Florida Keys. After that, a missive was sent to each Dive and Snorkel Operator selected in the sample, informing them about the research that would be realized, and the types of discipline that would be collected. The missive explained that a research goer would be acquiring in contact with them to set up clip and topographic point for an interview.The interview was based on a fill that would inquire social economic inquiries and besides, information about their cognition, attitudes and perceptual experiences of direction schemes and ordinances in the FKNMS ( The study s inquiries analyzed on this paper are attached in Appendix 1 ) .From all the Dive and Snorkel Operators interviewed until now, there are 60 Operators interviewed, being 32 Operator from the Upper Keys, 9 from the spunk Keys and 19 from the Lower Keys. The end of the survey is to make 70 studies. The present pap er will analyse the honkytonk operators cognition, attitudes and perceptual experiences of direction schemes and ordinances in the FKNMS and its impacts on their economic system.All the inquiries analyzed in this paper about the FKNMS Management view as five types of reply 1 -Strongly agree 2 Reasonably agree 3 Neutral 4 Reasonably differ and 5 Strongly disagree. And all the societal inquiries about the frogmans profile have woofs to do the study easier and faster, and besides to ease the information analyzes.The information obtained through the interviews ( studies ) was statistically analyzed through the Excell and the StatMost plan.ConsequencesEconomic InformationAnalyzing the information obtained, it was possible to observe thatTable 1 Divers Operators Economic Information2004 Average costSuman & A Shivlani ( 1998 ) average cost2004 Sum costSuman & A Shivlani ( 1998 ) sum costVessel value35.2431,03167.792,0020.441.000,0011.655.000,00Dive cogwheel value55.675,4416.8 85,003.173.500,001.981.800,00Compressor value31.808,821.081.500,00Docking fees15.845,886.918,00538.760,00283.222,00Interest payments on vas8.916,67107.000,00Insurance9.582,54527.040,00Vessel care2.3162,2612.372,001.227.600,00581.500,00Equipament care3.891,892.365,00144.000,00176.000,00Rent/costs25.313,04582.200,00Ad10.363,04476.700,00Table 2 Trip Expenses from the Divers OperatorsUpper KeysMiddle KeysLower KeysTrip ExpensesAverageEntireAverageEntireAverageEntireGas51,8145152,9528,983,81424Supplies16,8420,514,111337,9607Crew981470202,91420161,41775Entire $ $ Upper3341,5Entire $ $ Middle2061,9Entire $ $ Lower3806Entire $ $ all Keys = 9209,4Table 3 Number of trips and norm of frogman and snorkeler per trip.Upper KeysMiddle KeysLower KeysNumber of tripsDivers/tripSnorkel./tripNumber of tripsDivers/tripSnorkel./tripNumber of tripsDivers/tripSnorkel./tripAverage423.610.58.3304.46.78.1339.811.29.5Entire13139565437Figure 2 honkytonk Operators household income derived from the diving indu stry.FKNMS Management InformationAll inquiries have options of replies and most of them have the option 1-5, discussed above. However the analyzes were done based on the amount of the inquiries which mean an understanding ( reply 1 plus answer 2 ) or a dissension ( reply 4 plus 5 ) with the inquiry. As good were analyzed replies in which the fishermen were impersonal to the inquiry ( answer 3 ) and besides replies which the fishermen would state I do non cognize for the inquiries made.Figure 3 Honkytonk Operators replies about FKNMS regulations and ordinances.Figure 4 Honkytonk Operators replies about FKNMS.Figure 5 Honkytonk Operators replies about FKNMS.Figure 6 Honkytonk Operators replies about resources quality.Figure 7 Is the FKNMS responsible for the resources quality?Figure 8 Honkytonk Operators replies about the chief intent of the FKNMS zones.Figure 9 Who is the most benefited group from the FKNMS zones?Discussion and DecisionComparing the consequences obtained in th is survey with the survey developed by Milon et Al ( 1197 ) , it was possible to observe that even 10 old ages after the execution of the Sanctuary, the fishers mute belief the same manner they did ten old ages ago.It is notably the struggles between commercial fishers with recreational fishers and leghorns. And besides, the struggles between recreational and commercial frogmans with the commercial fishers. The SPAs ( Sanctuary Preservation Areas ) that had as chief end the decrease of user struggles have failed to accomplish that. Actually, the struggle seems to hold even make up, as the commercial fishers feel that the regulations and ordinances for the Sanctuary developed by NOAA, were unjust to them. blush though the chief end of the zones is non to increase piscaries, the surveies done by be & A Gregory ( hypertext transfer protocol // ) showed that some of the zones are excessively little to wholly protect lobsters from crop. So, with the present size that the zones have, even though the chief end is of the Sanctuary may non be increasing the stocks, how worth is it to swan them with that size, if it will non be efficient to refill the stocks and has lead to so a great deal users struggles? I am non proposing that those countries should be re-open or neither stating that they should be increased ( to be able to back up the refilling of some species ) , because this would increase even more the users struggles. However, I do believe that if they are to protect and conserve the reefs and its habitant species, nil besides research should be allowed in at that place. If fishers can non travel in it, frogmans should non be allowed. Besides, if there are zones that merely the frogmans can travel, there should be zones that merely fishermen could travel. That manner it could be scientific compared which countries would be more wedged and every bit good, those could be sacrificed countries. NOAA could besides ma ke rotary motion through the zones through the old ages, still go forthing some unappealing zones for everyone.When NOAA developed the regulations and ordinances for the Sanctuary they were unjust to the fishers because they closed the countries for their usage, but left wing it unfastened to the frogmans. If the SCUBA diving activity does non work with environmental instruction, intending non merely verbal instruction, but besides practical instruction ( teachers and dive Masterss plunging with the frogmans, commanding their floatability and learning them to non step on the corals ( treading ) or touching anything ) the activity can be really wedged to the environment, chiefly in countries sensitive such as coral reefs. In the Sanctuary, this practical environmental instruction does non go on and the frogmans can make whatever they deficiency under watera This is an issue that NOAA shall develop in the Sanctuary.The touristry industry has besides be a job to the fishers, due t o the addition of the monetary values in the Keys. It is much more expensive to populate in Keys nowadays than it used to be ten old ages ago. When I talked to some fishers that left the piscaries in the Keys, most of them seemed to hold left it because of the extremely cost of life in the Keys combined with their economic loss in the piscaries ( with the last hurricanes a batch of them lost a batch of traps an could non return to the piscaries or had to get down fishing for person else ) .Some of the fishers would besides correlate the touristry growing with the lessening in H2O quality. Even tough most of them feel that the Sanctuary was non the most responsible for the existent conditions of the resources they would besides banknote that NOAA should be more concern and turn to the issue of H2O quality.The other issue, besides addressed by the commercial fishermen is the deficiency of enforcement to the recreational fishers and leghorns. Most of those users, harmonizing to the fishers, transgress the regulations most of the clip and stop up non being caught by the governments. Harmonizing to the interviewed fishers, a batch of them truly do non cognize about the regulations and ordinances, and some of them merely pretend that they do non cognize. In both instances, when it happens that they are caught, they are most of clip non penalized as the authorization believes that they did cognize about the regulations and ordinances. This being truth or non, once more, NOAA has the duty to turn to that issue, informing the recreational users about the Torahs, for illustration, giving them explicative booklets about the zones, and so, if they are in the countries where they should non be or if they are transgressing any piscary ordinance, they should be punished.The commercial fishers besides feel that there is a deficiency of information about the regulations and ordinances for themselves every bit good. They said that it is invariably altering and if they are n on informed and they do something incorrect, they are punished anyhow. In that instance, NOAA could direct enlightening newsletters updating them about the piscaries regulations and ordinances and this newssheet should be written in English and Spanish, as a high per centum of the Hispanic fishermen do non talk in English.With all this regulations and ordinances that have been input through those old ages, I believe that has been a loss in the societal cultural individuality of the fishermen. The civilization of the Keys Fishermen, the individuality of being a Fisherman is acquiring lost. Now there is all those divisions ( because of certifications ) which they have to option what sort of fishermen will they bea They need to make up ones mind whether they emergency to catch grouper and center or lobsters or rock pediculosis pubis or pelagic and so ona This may non look to be a job for some directors but merely a consequence of piscaries direction. In my sentiment it is an of impor t issue, because in somehow they are fring their individualities as fishermen, but it is a job that it is really difficult to turn to, if attempts should every clip more be decreased.As a decision of the present research developed, it was noted that most of the commercial lobster fishers interviewed seemed to be excluded from the determinations ( in any procedure of the Sanctuary ) and experience powerless against the system. That is a large issue as in the dimension that the Keys are right now it is difficult to propose a direction based more on the local residential district or a co-management based. However, in some manner, the fishermen need to be more participative on the procedure to develop regulations and ordinance. My chief suggestion still would be the closing of the bing zones for everyone and the resettlement of some to specific diving activities, others for commercial piscary and other for recreational piscaries.

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In order for students to take on a better understanding on bimolecular, Mr.. Wilkinson had them conduct a research lab on Friday in class. During the lab, students ere asked to mix together chemicals with elephant urine and document every Chant gees In the solutions. Depending on each alteration, students were asked to observe and decide whether or not there were any macromolecules in the substances. During our observation, many of the results came back adapted in some form, meaning that macromolecules were present in the chemical.We automatically knew this when the liquids dropped on the paper bag became translucent within a few minutes, since the fats in the substance are what ma eke it see through. This came as a charge because the tests suggested that the tangents body is not functioning as it should. When people are sick, nutrients, macromolecules obtained through the food we eat, might pass through the b odd without be absorbed and end up being eliminated in our urine.In o ur Patti nets case, lots of macromolecules were rig in their urine, indicating a possible problem, and it was agreed that further testing should be done. This lab turned out to be very interesting and regular proved to be quite educational. In this lab, learned the differences between ostracize and positive controls, and why they were significant in an experiment. Although some sets sacks

Creativity in Critical Thinking Essay

In the wellness precaution profession, the skills, and abilities to think decisively atomic number 18 an essential component of professional righteousness and quality perplexity. In order to manage the complexity of the work environment, and persevering aid guinea pigs, precise opinion will change treasures think to a greater extent effectively, and work through challenges to achieve the best possible results. There are many ways critical persuasion can be utilise in nursing profession.Critical thinkers in nursing, demonstrate habits of the mind take flexibility, creativity, inquisitiveness, intellectual integrity, intuition, open-mindedness, perseverance, and reflection to manage complex matters in the health interest arena (Rubenfeld, Scheffer, 2010). Nurses use creativity, one of the habits of mind in critical persuasion to educate their affected roles. specimen of Creative thought in Patient preparation To provide safe heraldic bearing to the unhurrieds, nurse s must utilize critical thinking abilities in the assessment of patient issues, the planning of care, and the implementation of care.Careful testing of all the aspects of patient care helps the nurse to reach a mend outcome imparting education for the patient. When providing education or information to a patient, the nurses apply creative thinking, by using the counseling dialogues help the patient raise questions of why, how, and who. The nurses guide patients through identifying, and exploring the problem, consider the patients choices, adopt a plan of action, and evaluate the results (Ranklin, 2005). For example, reducing falls in the inpatient unit.Fall stake assessment is a key safety issue in many inpatients. Identifying the risk for fall on patient admission, and implementing measures and assess the patient is essential to obstruct falls on the unit. Moreover educating the patient and families is a necessary step in preventing patient falls. Evaluation of an Example o f Creative Thinking The presented example is a way of creative thinking to impart education to the patients. Firstly, visual observation of the at-risk patients helps the staff, patients, and families to prevent falls.Identification tools on the doors, at the bedside, yellow socks, and falls band on the arms enable the health care professionals to target implementation of fall stripe to the patients. The polarity at the bedside which says, Please call, do not fall, and the bed frighten reminds the patients and their families that, they are at risk for falling. Participating communication with other health care personals regarding fall risk in a regular vend report, and creating visual cues in the patients rooms, alarm the nurses and other health care professionals to prevent patients getting harm from falling.Justification of Creativity in Critical Thinking Creative thinking helps the nursing professionals identify biological, behavioral and environmental risk factors. Patient f all is preventable by implementing effective, and creative fall prevention programs, and thus help the patients live better. Creative thinkers must have noesis of the clinical problem. They should have the ability of assessing the present problem, and be knowledgeable about(predicate) the underlying cause, and be able to overcome the situation.Creativity in critical thinking boosts the nurses ability to modify, and expand the existing knowledge in patient related situations. In creative thinking, health care professionals take initiative, examine strategies to use, and recognize the consequences of strategies, and make the decision. Creative thinking ashes a key ingredient for individualized client care. In that nurse identifies the specific need of each patient, and makes interventions specific to those needs.Without creative thinking, nursing care would become consistent and routine. There is a strong relationship between critical and creative thinking. In order to provide edu cation to the poor clients, nurses needs to utilize critical intelligence and to be a critical thinker (Daniels, 2004). Hence, hospitalized patients need an individual assessment when educating them. It is important that, nurse must learn to utilize critical thinking skills natural way when providing care to the patients.

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Functionalist And Marxist Perspective On Religion Essay

Also known as the social conflict approach, brushup of capitalism. According to Marx, in a capitalist friendship, faith plays a vital role in keep uping an unequal society, in which authentic groups of people begin more resources and power than other groups of people. For Marx, Ideology is a judgment administration that changes peoples perception of reality in ways that serves the liaison of the ruling class. He argues that the class that come across economic production excessively controls the production and distribution of ideas in society, through institutions such as churches, tuition system etc. In Marxs view worship operates as an ideological weapon used by the ruling class to dislodge the suffering of the poor as something inevitable and God-given.The Marxist perspective, persist that righteousness operate as a drug to dull the pain of exploitation, because religion is a distorted view of the world, it can offer no termination to earthly misery. Instead, it pro mises rewards in the afterlife that creates an illusion of happiness which distracts attention from the dead on target source of suffering, namely capitalism. Marx argued that the ruling class used religion as a tool to keep the less powerful proletariat pacified.He argued that religion was able to do this by promising rewards in the afterlife, preferably of in this life. Marx was calling for the proletariat todiscard religion and its deceit most other worldly events, only then would this class of people be able to rise up against the ruling class and gain control of the delegacy of production and only then would they achieve real rewards. present we can see the social-conflict approach to religious highlights how religion, as a phenomenon of humankind behaviour functions to maintain social inequality by providing a worldview that justifies oppression. Because Marx was act to criticizing the prevailing organization of society during his time, he took a particular place towar ds religion. He believed that this was a tool of social control used to maintain an unequal society and that it should be abolished.Functionalist perspective on religion (Emile Durkheim)Durkheim schema that all religion share three elements1. Beliefs are held by a follower.2. Practices and Rituals.3. Moral community.The functionalist perspective states that religion is universal, there are functions that it fulfils for society. It satisfies individual necessarily and religion give people a sense of identity. These functions are1. It submit social unity to help maintain social solidarity through divided up rituals and believes. 2. Social control to enforce religious-based morals and norms to help maintain treaty and control in society. 3. Religion offers meaning and purpose to answer school principal of existence. Durkheim argued that religion acted as a source of solidarity and identification for the individuals within a society. Religion provided a meaning for life, it provide d authority figures, and most importantly for Durkheim, it fortify the morals and social norms held collectively by all within a society. Functionalist saw it as a critical part of the social system, as it provides social control, cohesion, and purpose for people, as well as another means of communication and gathering for individuals to interact and reaffirm social norms. Secondly, Functionalist approach identifies certain elements of religious beliefs that are common across different cultures.A belief in a supernatural realm is not necessary or common among religions, but the separation of different aspects of life, physical things, and certainbehaviors into 2 categories 1. Sacred Objects and behaviors that are considered part of the spiritual or religious world. cognoscible through extraordinary experiences. 2. Profane Everything else in the world that do not have a religious function or hold religious meaning. Knowable through normal empirical observation. Functionalists be lieve that religion is an execution of socialization, and the role of socialization religion plays is that of cultural learning.It believes that society represents an external demarcation line as norms and values regulate and limit our behaviour. Both Marxism and Functionalism theories take the big world view and that elements of human culture must be understood in terms of their relationship to a larger structure. It studies the frameworks of society and how society shaped our behaviour. Marxs theory of religion needs to be seen in the context of his general view of society, capitalism dominates the working class. Whereas functionalism sees religion as a unifying force and a feature all societies. Marxism sees religion as a feature only of class divided society.

Food and Agriculture of Chile

Front page Acknowledgement long pepper provender and Agriculture Republic of Chile is a country in second America occupying a retentive, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to the easterly and the Pacific Ocean to the west Chile is maven of South Americas roughly stable and prosperous nations. It has been relatively free of the coups and arbitrary governments that have blight the continent. The shape of Chile is a distinctive ribbon of prop up 4,300 kilometres (2,700mi) long and on average 175 kilometres (109mi) wide.Its climate varies, ranging from the worlds driest desert the Atacama in the north, by dint of a Mediterranean climate in the centre, to a rainy temperate climate in the south. (Wikipedia)1 The country had Latin Americas fastest-growing economy in the mid-nineties and has weathered recent areaal economic instability, as measured by the Gini Index (Mideplan. 2007). But it faces the challenges of having to diversify its copper-dependent economy it is the largest world producer and of addressing out of true wealth distribution. BBC News, 6 August 2011)2 Brief History of Chiles Agriculture While the overlap of land devoted to export crops such(prenominal) as fruit and vegetables is increasing, about half of all farms still kick upstairs wheat, the traditional foundation of Chilean agriculture. Of the total land area of 74. 8 million hectares (184 million acres),2. 3 million hectares (5. 7 million acres) is cultivable land. Until 1940, Chile was substantially self-sufficient in most basic foodstuffs. Since solid ground War II (193945), serious food deficits have developed, adding to the nations external payments burden. unpolished production of major crops in 1999 (in tons) was as follows saccharide (raw), 448,000 wheat, 1,197,000 corn, 624,000 oats, 201,000 barley, 81,000 rapeseed (canola) 72,000 and rice, 61,000. Agriculture was one of the heavenss most adversely affected by the recession of 1982, but it right away recovered by the mid-1980s. Poor results in the traditional agricultural sector inhibit a more rapid expansion in agriculture. angiotensin-converting enzyme of the areas of most rapid growth is in fresh fruit, with the production of grapes rising by 35% between 1981 and 1985. The fruit harvest in 1999 (in tons) include grapes, 1,575,000 apples, 1,165,000 peaches and nectarines, 310,000 pears, 350,000 oranges, 185,000 and lemons and limes, 110,000. Avocado production for 1999 was estimated at 82,000 tons, up from 39,000 tons during 198991. Most of the alligator pear orchards are in central Chile, from Region IV to Region VI (Encyclopedia of nations) 3. Leading crops in 2001, with production in metric tons, included fruits, peculiarly grapes and apples (1. 8 million), vegetables (2. million), root crops such as sugar beets and potatoes (1,218,040. 0), and maize (778,498). Chile is the Southern Hemispheres largest exporter of fruits, sending much of its crop to coupling America, w here the fresh produce enjoys a trade advantage due to the change growing season. The country also has an principal(prenominal) wine-making industry (Fair Trade Finder) 4 uncouth land (% of land area) in Chile Agricultural land refers to the share of land area that is arable, to a lower place permanent crops, and downstairs permanent pastures. cultivable land includes land defined by the FAO as land under temporary crops (double-cropped areas are counted once), temporary meadows for mowing or for pasture, land under market or kitchen gardens, and land temporarily fallow. Land abandoned as a result of shifting cultivation is excluded. Land under permanent crops is land cultivated with crops that occupy the land for long periods and need not be replanted after each harvest, such as cocoa, coffee, and rubber.This category includes land under flowering shrubs, fruit trees, nut trees, and vines, but excludes land under trees bragging(a) for wood or timber. Permanent pasture is lan d used for five-spot or more years for forage, including natural and cultivated crops. (Trading Economics)5 Major Crops in Chile Agriculture is the main occupation of about 15% of the race it accounts for about 10% of the national wealth, and produces less than half of the domestic needs.Wheat, potatoes, corn, beans, sugar beets, and fruit are the chief crops a variety of vegetables, fruits, and grains are bountiful in the Vale of Chile, the countrys primary agricultural area. The vineyards of the valley are the rear end of Chiles wine industry. (Trading Economics)6 Agricultural region and climate Chiles principal growing region and agricultural heartland is the Central Valley delimited by the Chilean sliding board Range in the west, the Andes in the east Aconcagua River by the north and Bio-Bio River by the south.In the northern half of Chile cultivation is highly dependent on irrigation. South of the Central Valley cultivation is gradually replaced by aquaculture, silviculture , sheep and cattle farming. River valleys help pruduction of grapes for Pisco and papayas also include olives and avocados. Zona central, most important agricultural region with Mediterranean known as wine region. In the northan part, Zona Sur, is the region that support Wheat cultivation, cattle farming, silviculture and salmon aquaculture.

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Leadership Theories: the Evolution of Context Essay

This paper defines turnation as it relates to leading and the inclusion of mount in loss leading theories. I will show examples of contrasting leadership styles and how they relate to the condition of leadership. In closing, I will reflect on the challenges of background of useual theories and how these challenges give notice be met in the current environs. Meaning of setting and Treatment in leading Research Different types of leadership often need to be applied in a distinct manner, depending on the stage setting and who is involved.Osborn, Hunt, & Jauch (2002) indicated leadership theory and inquiry needs to expand to the hard levels of leadership. The authors further posited leadership theory needs to explore the dynamism involving the context in which leadership takes mall, rather than to study leadership taking place in a vacuum. Here, the authors referred to context as the muckle or parameters that throw effective leaders to emerge. Leadership in context takes on some(prenominal) different characteristics and certain circumstances can cause different actions.A closer examination of the linkages between components of theory increases ones savvy of individual differences in leadership development (Allen, Shankman, & Miguel, 2012). Authors Osborn, Hunt, & Jauch (2002) illustrated four contexts of leadership stability, crisis, high gear-energy equilibrium, and edge of chaos. Stability takes into account surrounding external circumstances involving the root of brass instruments, scopes, and skill sets. Stability examines the various measures of leadership to improve and to develop objectives for anticipate circumstances.I worked with a leader who demonstrated stability in a position however, that kindred leader transferred to a different position and she became unstable. In the previous position, the leader was confident in her role, promote interaction from the team, and make team members feel comfortable to approach her at any time. The leader transitioned to a new contract, and a new client and things changed. The leader became unapproachable, and she became overwhelmed by her role and the pressures of the job. A lack of stability in this environment was app arnt because team members did not have effective leadership.Eventually, that person resigned and moved on to a less demanding and less stressful position. Crisis can be be as, a positioning that threatens high priority goals that suddenly occurs with little or no response (Hermann, 1969). A crisis causes changes in the leadership context that restrict leaders to adjustment to the situation. A change in the context can be the defining moment of a leaders effectivity and leadership ability. Crisis may be unavoidable in some situations, entirely an effective leader will plan before, during, and after a crisis. fortuity plans, communications plans, and strong leadership can assist in alleviating some of the stress associated with a crisis. Leaders must recognize when to delegate chest if and when the need arises. The third context of leadership is a moral force equilibrium, be as a gradually increasing change. In a dynamic organizational system, the role of leadership is to support opposing forces and harness the ageless tension between them, enabling the system to improve (Nonaka & Toyama, 2002 Teece & Pisano, 1994 Weick & Quinn, 1999).Various components claim dynamic equilibrium in leadership, such as, technology, external forces, and market conditions. To improve, the organization has to maintain a dynamic equilibrium among the various components. The authors referred to fourth context of leadership as, edge of chaos. Edge of chaos can be defined as being on the verge of pandemonium, entirely not quite an in that respect. Virtually, everything is tainted, but not so tainted that the organization implodes or explodes (Authors Osborn, Hunt, & Jauch 2002). If everything is tainted, there would be complete chaos in th e organization.New Factors and the Inclusion of stage setting in Leadership Theories The emerging field of cross-cultural leadership research has underscored the importance of examining how the inclusion of the context in models of leadership may turn how effective or desirable leadership is operationally defined, measured, and interpreted. Integration of purification as a contextual factor in models of leadership necessitates that researchers consider the cultural implicit theories of both(prenominal) leaders and pursuit, the cultural implicit heories of both leaders and followers, the interpretation of enacted behaviors, the broader cultural context in which leaders and followers interact, the duration of the leaderfollower relationship, and exogenous events that may trigger different interpretations of leadership, such as instability, uncertainty, and growth (Avolio, B. , 2007). A Leader Who Effectively sedulous With Context Leadership / Leader Who Failed To Read and Engage with Context Leadership EffectivelyLeadership in context may undertake many characteristics, which may put leadership in conflict. Examples of leadership that may in effect engage within context are doctors who work in an tinge room of a hospital (Hannah, Uhl-Bien, Avolio, & Cavarretta, 2009). In this example, the authors suggested doctors may show high levels of leadership when put in extreme circumstances frequently. Consequently, there is a need to be prepared constantly and to maintain high levels of watchfulness and situational awareness to ensure quick and accurate responses.Examples of leadership that may shop to engage within context are managers within a hotel (Hannah, Uhl-Bien, Avolio, & Cavarretta, 2009). In this example hotel managers may fail to be prepared and develop golosh procedures in case of a fire emergency. The authors explained that because of the relatively minimal chances of a fire occurring coupled with the surety of an adequate rescue response from au thorities, hotel managers are less likely to make preparations in case of a fire. jibe to this premise, managers may not manifest any leadership tendency because circumstances do not create a need to exercise leadership (Hannah, Uhl-Bien, Avolio, & Cavarretta, 2009). Differences in Leadership Styles and Approaches In the first example, the leaders demonstrated a sense of urgency and an understanding of responsibility which requires immediate reaction as leaders. In the second example, leaders do not demonstrate the same urgency. The leaders are of the mindset that someone else will respond if the situation occurs.Each situation determines the leadership style which accomplishes the organizations goals and tidy sum therefore, there is not a best leadership style or approach. Challenges of Developing contextual Theories of Leadership Efficiency may come with leadership, but leadership can be overpowering and complex. Innovation of alliances is not forever required for leadership. Ho wever, a study conducted by Osborn & Marion (2009) examined the aspects of contextual leadership in which transformational leadership was dysfunctional for the innovation of alliances.Todays technology enables leaders to influence followers virtual(prenominal)ly. Even though, the follower may not be in the same location as the leader, this should not create an cut back with leaders motivating followers to undertake an assignment. Purvanova and Bono (2009) suggested leadership through virtual means may exhibit the same behaviors as the traditional face-to-face style. The authors argued that leaders may adapt behavior based on context of the situational demand. An example of a leaders virtual influence is the charge for which this paper is written.The professor influences the class to improve writing skills by grant additional exercises to better prepare for the doctoral study. In addition, the class is encouraged to relate personal experiences to tie in with assigned readings and research. The context determines the intimacy in which leaders influence their follower, whether leadership is conducted face-to-face or virtually. How Contextual Theories of Leadership Challenges Can Be Met The examples above demonstrated the dynamics and complexity of contextual leadership.Challenges in contextual leadership can be met by examining the factors for the source and development of leadership. The initial step is to determine the situation, analyze the temperament of leadership, and document the context of the leadership development. Similarities can assist in ascertain the effective leaders of the future. Theories on leadership have determined that leadership is about showing flexibility in our ever changing environment and applying the appropriate leadership context in the ideal situation.Conclusion The undecided of leadership garnered much research and study. Leadership consists of a variety of characteristics and complexities involving the context in which le adership takes place. Analyzing the complexity of the context of leadership can instigate in determining future leaders. To understand individual differences in the context of leadership requires additional study. Further research will assist educators and scholars with the added fellowship of applying effective leadership.

Best Buy Analysis Essay

Although Best Buy is an electronic consumers dream, they are veneer two major threats 1) The increasing number of competitors and, 2) The strong emergence of online retailing. I preach that to address these issues Best Buy should close several Brick and mortar stores and move to more of an online based strategy.Due to the low equal of online retailing, disregard retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target have been able to gain epoch-making market share. Unlike Best Buy, Amazon does not have the operating expense associated with brick and mortar stores, allowing them to significantly cut prices to challenge Best Buy in the consumer-electronics market. Best Buy has been called Amazons showroom, as consumers would ofttimes use Best Buy to sample products while ultimately buying them online.Closing brick and mortar stores and using the resources to push a broad cost lead strategy would make Best Buy competitive against online retailers once again. Best Buy is the leader in cust omer satisfaction and the retail leader of its class. Since Circuit City went under, there is not a large, altogether electronic retailer with showrooms creating more visibility. Increasing its brand value everywhere 18% in 2009 alone, the prices must become more competitive so consumers will not take advantage of this and still buy elsewhere. button an online based strategy to combat Amazon and Wal-Mart would lead to growth in the one facet of consumer electronics retailing in which Best Buy is lagging. Although benevolent capital is a major asset for Best Buy, I recommend that expertise be moved to other areas of the company, such as snowflake Squad, which has shown growth and profitability due to the increasing number of consumers who buy online and deficiency assistance installing their electronics. In order for Best Buy to take a breather competitive in the future, allocating current resources effectively will be immanent in cutting costs and developing a cost leadership strategy.

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Philomena: A Film Analysis Essay

Among the many good blasts of 2013, this one has to be on my top 5 list. Directed with passion by Stephen Frears, Philomena is a film that questions your beliefs regardless of which religious sect you belong to. As a little exposition, Philomena Lee (Judi Dench), way back 1952, was impregnated out of wedlock and was hence sent forcibly to a convent where she gave birth to a male child she named Anthony. She and different young women of similar situation were only allowed to see their children once a week. This and other practices including oppression and prejudice among the nun buoys are presented well in the film in a way that could condemn the Catholic Church. These are presented in a bank none that is sarcastic and ironic, with a mood that is mild and forgiving. Visually, the blastoff and production design will bring you back to 1950s Ireland, which is extremely distinct with the present time. The cinematography is nonhing too special it was shot in polished angles, and with dim lighting to establish the gloomy surroundings the film is trying to convey. In my opinion, this is the style used to make it close at hand(predicate) to reality so it will capture the emotions of people. As the plot develops to the acclivitous action, you start rethinking near morality drawn by the strict brass instrument of the nuns. The irony will later be exemplified when you see babies sold to Americans without the live with of the mothers one of these babies was Anthony. And while he is being sent away, Philomena was watching from afar, non knowing that it is the last time she is going to see her child. The cinematography at this point was brilliant where the angle is trying to show the innocence of Anthony, and the overrefinement of Philomena through and through an over-the-shoulder shot. Fifty years later, with the help of Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan), the search for the missing son will begin. Martin, who was rebuilding his career in indite, initially de clined the idea of writing about Philomenas lost son. However, as he hears more about the case and discovered that Philomena was only one of the many oppressed women, he decided to do it. Together, they travelled to the United States to figure Anthony. Their journey together shows their stark differences. In most of their parleys, it is very noniceable how different their attitude in feel is. This is perfectly presented through the powerful performances by both actors, and subtle representations of their faith. Philomena believesin God, Martin doesnt. And while we see how unfortunate Philomenas life can be, her faith is still strong. Martin, equivalent probably many of the viewers, does not understand this irony.When they finally discovered who Anthony became, they found out that he died 8 years ago from AIDS. Still, they traced back his identity just to know how he lived his life. Philomena wanted to know if Anthony ever legal opinion of his hometown, or if she was ever th ought of. As the plot boils down to resolution, they will discover that Anthony went back to Ireland and that his trunk was actually buried in that same convent because he knew his mother would find him. At this point, the film is scored with instrumentals that could bring hostility and liberation. Martin despised the senior nun who kept this a secret as part of her moral standards. She did not allow Philomena to see her son even once before he passed awaya suffering considered as atonement for sin. The tone at this point is aggressive while Martin demanded the nun to apologize. The nun did not ask for forgiveness, but Philomena forgave her anyway. This, I consider, is the best part of the film. It was too clayey for her to forgive, but she did so. Why Philomena still has faith so strong patronage all that has happened to her answers why we believe. At the end of it, they will find his expunge and they will continue their lives. Martin will publish Philomenas story not to upset t he convent, but because it deserves to be heard by many. Like Philomena, we live beliefs and even though these were taught to us by people who may agony us or fail us, our faith clings to something unfailing. We believe because even if hatful are not in our hands, we have the option to embrace them. And like Martin, although we do not understand other peoples beliefs, we compliance them and we accept people for who they are. This is clearly presented when he gave a small engrave of Jesus to Philomena.The film is not chronologically narrated, with an editing technique employ flashbacks and home videos to illustrate what has happened in the past. It was well color-corrected to demonstrate tension and emotions through less-saturation. I find this very effective since the film does not hard-sell drama, and can still give a highly emotional ride. The dialogue isnothing so melodramatic and was instead written very lightly. This represents the temper of Philomena as someone who is very graceful and humane.As for the performances, both Dench and Coogan did a brilliant job in portraying their roles. Frears was able to direct them so distinguished to the characters. This is probably one of the many strengths of this film. The acting was so equilibrate with the overall mise-en-scene that it easily captures the attention and the emotion of the audience. With a story so beautifully debauched, Philomena was told with heart and passion that even if it presents horrific things, it ended with a very positive attitude that is hauntingly terrific.

Evaluate the Information Processing Models to Learning, Distingush the Main Features of the Multi-Store Model Essay

The principal(prenominal)(prenominal) thrust of this assertion is to give an evaluation of the randomness bear upon representatives to culture and honorariuming particular attention to swashs of the multi-store homunculus. According to Ashcraft (1994) information moveing perplex is a framework used by cognitive psychologists to rationalize and specify mental processes. The multi-stores model propounded by Atkinson and Shiffrin(1968) is a classic model of fund, which describes retentiveness in landmarks of information flowing through a system. however the model is not without flaws, as it possesses weaknesses as show be critically analyzed in this evaluation.The information touch model concentrates on how information from the environment through the senses is touch on and utilized by the brain.Schunk(1996) posits that the information impact models are various theoretical perspectives dealing with the sequence and execution of cognitive events, mainly focusing on h ow people react to environmentalstimuli, encode, store, and retrieve when needed. hence giving the perspective that pupils are active seekers and processers of information. The flow of information principally posterior be traced from the environmental stimuli. These are raw facts and figures that we capture from the meet using our senses. A stimulus can move from our senses to the short register, when we pay attention to the stimulus, and thus our internal process begins. According to Baron (2001)learning becomes the process of commuting our symbolic representations to retrospection where there may be processed and the study of learning is primarily through the study of remembrance The multi-store model is a classical model of retentiveness which was suggest that memory is make up of a series or stores and information is processed and stored in ternary stages namely sensorial, short term and tenacious term memory. Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) describes memory in terms of flowing through a system. Information enters the sensory memory through detection environmental stimuli by the sense organs, accordingly through the process of attention and perception moves to the short-term memory. Through description the information may be transferred to long term memory, and if not rehearsed it is then lost from short-term through the process of displacement or decayMcLeod,2007) stunning memory is a brief store of information from the environment,maintaining a sequence of a quarter to half of a second(Fieldman,2010) The sensory register picks up all the environmentalstimuli reaching our senses.The capacity of th sensory memory is preferably large,although it only lasts for milliseconds, as it holdsinformation associated with the senses.If our working memory is relatively free of work,we major power pay attention to the new input and if not, then we would not chance upon or we quickly forget the new information(Baddeley and Hitch,(1974).The other main feat ure of this model is the short-term memory,which is a temporary store for a trammel amount of information and stores from a duration of 0 to 18 seconds,(Fieldman,2010). In this storage information is encoded mainly as echoic. Baron, (2001) postulates that short-term memory can handle about 7 objects at once, but this can be improved by chunking, which is the grouping of items into chunks and this information can be keep by rehearsal or association of the information you are try to remember with already existing knowledge.Therefore the short-term memory becomes springy as this is where consciousness exists and thinking is done.Long term memory is the third main feature of the model,which represents our permanent storehouse of information,and its capacity is unlimited(Ashcraft,1994). There are third categories of long term memory, semantic(for verbal information and essence), episodic memory(for events) and procedural memory for how to do things. The prospect of information reac hing the long term memory according to Driscoll(1994) depends upon the length of the message and familiarity of it with information already stored.The major effectivity of this model is based on its ability to set a origin on other studies as memory studies provide evidence to throw the distinction between short term and long time. Mcleod (2007) posits that the model is potent as it has generated a lot of research into memory. Furthermore, studies of amnesiacs also supported the ingrained of this model. This show the relevancy of the information processing model tolearning as it is consistant with empirical findings and provides an excellent framework for understanding the principles of effective learning.The information processing model is also blamed for over simplifying facts and does not account for the caseful of information processed. The working memory is treated as a sincere store of memory. This view is contradicted by Baddeleys(2001) model of working memory which co nsists of three components, theexecutory loop, and visual spacial sketchpad,with uses which vary from selecting incoming information, determine processing and constructing meaning through inferences and subsequently transfer the processed information to long term or delete it from the memory system altogether.Therefore,patronage that, the information processing model provides a conceptual model which explains the different functions and constrains on human memory it fails to recognize that the short term memory and long term are more complex than previously assumed.The interactions between short-term memory and long term memory were under emphasized and do not discriminate between levels in the long term memory,and of essence does not explain how the long term influences short term and sensory memory. Mcleod (2007) viewed the model as a one way or linear with rigid slipway of operation, and also argues that rehearsal is too simple to account for the transfer of information. Schraw (2001) joint that several useful terms have been developed to elaboratecognitive processing curiously in working memory, for example the limited cognitive resources and attention resources, which stand by explain why there are differences between one learner and another.Therefore these and the fact that it is just a model and there is not very a way to prove its true, contributes to the view point that the information processing model has significant.In conclusion, the information processing model gives the three vital stages of information processing, which are greatly regarded in most recent studies as they have provided a framework for understanding principles of effective learning. Therefore despite the great number of flaws the model is quite significant.REFERENCE1. Ashcraft,M.H (1996), Human remembering and Cognition, Harpercollins College DIV 2. Atkinson, R. C., and Shiffrin, R. M. (1968). Human memory A proposed system and its control processes, New York schoolman Pre ss. 3. Baddeley, A .D. and Hitch, G.(1974). Working memory, New York Academic Press. 4. Baddeley,A.D.(1998).Human Memory,theory and Practice. BostonAllyn and Bacon 5. Baron, R.A(2001) psychological science, New DelhiDorling Kindersley 6. Driscoll, M.P. (1994) Psychology Of Learning For Instruction, BostonAllyn and Bacon 7. Fieldman,S.R (2010)Understanding Psychology,MacGraw-Hill 8. Schunk, D.H (1996) Learning theories(2nd edition) New JerseyMerrill 9. http//

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Crisis in Movies Assignment Essay

1. Identify precipitating unconstipatedt(s). (10 pts.)The movie I chose to watch is Courageous. The precipitating stillt in this movie is the car stroke that takes the life of Emily Mitchell. Her forefather, spell Mitchell, and the rest of her family ar traumatized by the sharp finis of their 9 year old daughter/sister. In thinking close to information that would be gained in the first contact with pass Mitchell, unrivaled thing that stands out about his previous state of mind/ work is that he was roundwhat uninvolved with his children, taking them for granted. This fact digest overly be a trigger for how he processes this event, causing a crisis for him as he realized his young daughter is like a shot g wholeness. In a nonher(prenominal) scene, Emilys brother, Dylan Mitchell, shares that he feels guilty that he wasnt a mitigate brother. Both of these relational states prior to Emilys stopping point can be a precipitating factor in how they process this trauma influ encing whether they ingest stuck in crisis of guilt, depression over lost judgment of conviction, etc. or whether they em trendise this as an opportunity for change in the way they handle relationships from now on.2. Identify the type of crisis (Situational, Developmental, Existential). (10 pts.) This crisis is a situational crisis, in that it is brought about by the sudden death of Emily. However, it can also produce developmental and existential crises in the lives of this family, as they process their loss. A traumatic event is known to potentially create problems in the future development of the individual or family, and it is sure known to create existential crises, as the individuals center on field beliefs about self, others, and the world are extremely challenged during crisis. Beliefs about meaning, grasp, and the existence of paragon are often questioned after major tragedy. 3. Identify the material, personal, and social resources operable to the individual. (10 pts.) The material resources available to this family were that they were a middle class family, with a steadfast home, and no financial worries that were evident to complicate their loss.The personal resources of the family were that they seemed to be a fairly strong, intact family prior to the crisis. They were clearly a family of great credit in immortal, and this personal resource literally becomes what carries them through the crisis. As a result of their involvement in church service and community, they had the social support of their friends/church members in the early days following the loss. transport Mitchell also has the ongoing counsel of his pastor, who walks through the process with him, comforting him yet challenging him to set out and not get stuck. 4. What were the differing eruditions of the crisis? (the guest, family, community, friends, legal perspectives) (10 pts.) The perspectives within the family are the most obvious. spell led his family to accept th e tragedy as Gods impart for their lives and to trust Him with their pain and healing. He seemed to grieve for a while and therefore dive right in to trying to be a emend dad. The mother is shown grieving, and then later supporting him as he seek to change his parenting therefore, her perception seemed to be a fairly profound one.The brother, Dylan, did not seem to do as well at first. He uncaring for a while, but the reason came out one night at the dinner table when he cried, saying he should discombobulate been a better brother. The guilt had obviously been causing him to withdraw, but when he at long last talked about his real feelings, he is seen making improvements. 5. Briefly, how was the crisis handled by the genius? (10 pts.) The protagonist in this movie was Adam Mitchell, the father of Emily who died in the car crash. Adam handled this crisis very well, as it became a catalyst for growth for him. In one session, he is talking with his pastor after a few scenes th at have shown him grieving, his wife grieving, and his son beginning to isolate from the family. It is at this time that Adam has a choice in how he handles his opportunity to move beforehand or stay stuck. He tells his pastor that he does not deficiency to get stuck and bitter, that he wants to heal and he wants his family to heal.It is at this point in the movie that Adam begins to pour himself into studying what Gods member has to say about being a father. After discovering that he was sole(prenominal) doing a small portion of what God required of him as a dad, he makes a resolution to change that. Indeed, he does so and flirts several(prenominal) other men along with him as well. By choosing to grieve in a healthy way, Adam allowed his crisis to make him a better father and to develop his relationship with his wife and son to a stronger place than it had been even before his daughters death.6. Suggest several steps for your leaf node that could be used to handle the crisis . (10 pts.) Since this crisis did not put Adam, or anyone else in his family, in direct danger, I would take on the role of a facilitator. As a facilitator, I would collaborate with Adam to set some goals for himself. An important thing to remember would be to assist him survive and rebuild. This crowning(prenominal) goal can be accomplished through smaller goals that center on bridging the past, accepting and living with the present, and finding a new path for the future. Practical steps for Adam in processing his loss would be to indicate that he remain connected to his support system, gently level him to face his pain versus repress it, and have him identify secondary losings and unfinished business due to his daughters death.One affecting example of resolving unfinished business in the movie is when Adam goes and pretends to dance with his daughter in the place where he had rejected her invitation a few days before she died. While we cant perpetually recover secondary loss es, we can allow the secondary losses to check us about how to handle relationships differently in the future. This information can be used in finding a new path. Lastly, if my lymph gland was a Christian and I could talk openly about God, I would help to reframe their understanding based on a biblical perception of how God promises to use crises for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 828). Lastly, considering that this was a sudden and traumatic death, I would likely suggest a grief support group for the family.7. Suggest steps for teach coping skills and developing resiliency (preventing the crisis from reoccurring). (10 pts.) Its hard to keep a death from reoccurring, but a client can be modify so that they do not move into active crisis each time they fear a new loss. In the case of sudden death of a loved one, a sense of fear over a new loss can almost cripple a client. I have had personal experience with this myself after losing my son in a drowning accident.Therefore, I would immediately want to help the client frame healthy perceptions about the event so that fear patterns do not get locked into the brain. Therefore, when it comes to re-traumatization after an initial trauma, early intervention is critical. Crisis debriefing can help to prevent trauma loops from being formed in the brain, which would contribute to contingent crisis reoccurrence. As far as resiliency is concerned, I would suggest that the client remain connected to social support and remain connected to God. swear Him in crisis can help tremendously toward a healthy outcome.8. What referral sources would be available to the client if he/she lived in your welkin? (specific names of organizations in your area to which you might refer your client. You might have to research your area for this.) (10 pts.) Grief Share groups at several churches in the area (i.e. Hebron Baptist), rear Counseling (provides trauma recovery services), Paraclete Counseling Center, Robbie Sherrill, LCC9. Discuss a scriptural worldview or principal related to the crisis. (10 pts.) Anytime there is a tragedy or loss, one might be tempted to question the goodness of God, or even the reality of God. However, God is in control and never surprised by tragedy. A good principle to remember when God does allow woeful is to trust that God works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 828). Also, Scripture makes it clear that God uses throe to refine us. Therefore, processing tragedy by asking what can I learn from this is healthier and more biblical than seeking to know why. God knows the end from the beginning, and even though we may not know why while on earth, we can know the peace that comes from trusting Him to bring good from our suffering.

Death of a Salesman Essay Essay

The shape wipeout Of A Salesman, the divine guidance of Arthur Miller was transformed and fitted to the movie screen in the year 1986. The caper itself is ready in the fireside of Willy Loman, and tells the melancholy tale of a salesman whom is in deep financial trouble, and the totally remedy for the situation is to commit suicide. In the st grow proceeds of this tale, the item lighting, treated, and musical designs rightfully give the story a strong undertow of depression. And logically the screen and floor productions both differ greatly in regards to the mood they set. Moreover the movie production fundament do m some(prenominal) things that just jakesnot be d star on stage, with reference to the setting of course. To generalize, the play gives us a good sternly look at the great American Dream failing miserably. so far the combination of both the stage and screen productions accurately depict the shortcomings of the capitalistic society.Death of a Salesman speci fically focuses on four founts, the first world the main character Willy Loman, his wife Linda, and their deuce sons Hap and clout nail Loman. As menti nonpareil(a)d, the focal point of this play is Willy Loman, a salesman in his early sixties. with prohibited the story we are t senile the hard life, emotions and triumphs of Willy the salesman. Early in the play we escort that he has late been demoted to working for commission, which later in the play,(on par with his luck) translates into Willy acquiring fired. As the plot unfolds we discover that Willy had a rich br most early(a) who recently died named Ben, whom Willy looked upon with great admiration for becoming extremely wealthy and the ripe old age of 21.However Willy also be suffers authorizedly depressed when Ben leaves, the fact macrocosm that he re-realizes the meagerness of his own life, and that he is still making payments on all of his possessions. Willy then comprehends that by the time his worldly posses sions are salaried forthey shall no longer be of any use. For example, the Loman household has become close unnecessary now that the two sons have moved out. It isnt until by and by Willys death that the final mortgage payment is made.for a house with no one interior it. The one example of this dictation is given by Linda during the final paragraph of the play,I made the stand payment on the house today. Today, dear. And there volition be cypher home. Were supererogatory and clear.were free.were freewere freeAs the plot thickens, Willy the salesman plummets deeper and deeper into depression until his most in all probability route of action, which of course is suicide. However the reasoning behind this course of action, we find, is his sure love for his family, along with Willys deep longing to supply his family with as much money as he can possibly scramble his hands on. As we learn more about Willys trials and tribulations, the age old expression like father like son appears out of nowhere like a beacon. Like his father, Willys son carrier bag also has some problems of his own, the main one being that biff cannot search to find his niche in life. Furthermore, we are told that dawdler at one point did in fact have his incoming all be after out. It turns out that scoke was a shoe-in for a position on the University Of Virginia read football team.However, that chance was all but lost when Biff did not qualify to pass his final mathematics course. Now as you can imagine the fact that Biff had to explain this to his father was quite a large problem in itself. But to add insult to injury, when Biff made the trip to Boston to explain his mathematical dilemma, he is appall to find that his father has been with another women. And this one incident would leave Biff being an perfectly different person altogether. He didnt dismantle make an attempt to finish his math in summer school. later on Boston, Biff couldnt have cared less what happened t o his own life. However, as is in life, out of something horrible comes something worthy. And Biff finally comes to the realization that he in fact wants to make his future. And that future entails working in the outdoors on a farm. The other reasoning behind this life decision is of course, is to go against the wishes and values that his father has tried to instill in Biff his entire life. Biff pours his heart to his brother Hap one quarter through act I...To devote your whole life to keeping stock, or making phone calls, or selling or buying. To suffer fifty weeks a year for the sake of a two week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off Fortunately for Biff, he determines his future by the plays conclusion. He comes to the understanding that he and Willy were never meat to be business men. Including that they were intended to be working on a farm with their hands. And after vexing to procure Hap to come with him (which is to no avail), he escape s from his home to cut across on with the rest of his life. Which for Biff seems to be the soundest choice, the decision that Willy just couldnt make. Hap on the other hand stays with his father, and at plays end decides to get along in Willys footsteps. That of course is to succeed at business at all costs.Both the stage and screen rendition utilize a melange of distinct effects to set the tone and to enact the specific place where the action transpires. For example the stage interpretation utilizes a funny convention that involves walking through the set to delineate circumstances in the past, or episodes going on inside the mind of Willy. This illusion can be easily created with specific crossfades and musical underlay, and of course willing relief of disbelief. Divergently, in the screen production the set is obviously utilized in a completely different manner. On that depict the movie uses a distinct fading and brightening lighting technique, that still stays true to the c onventions set forth by the playwright. The one device that the screen production contains that the stage does not, is the ability to display the past events of Willys life in a completely accurately set manner.Meaning when there is a flashback to a previous happening, the setting travels back in time as well. Which, from a certain perspective, better illustrates the past recollections of Willy and his family. As mentioned the stage production successfully employs music to delineate certain characters or the tone of that particular instant. there is in fact music used in the movie, however it is provided a small aspect of the screen medium whereas it is an integral broker of the stage version. Although you cannot fully comprehend the importance of the music by exactly reading the play, it must be performed right in front of you.. plot the movie gives you a generally decent feel for the musical intonation. In its entirety the music does an excellent job of setting the mood that Willy is in.The play is set inside the house of Willy Loman. Surrounding his house are some tall building that are quite visible on the edges of the set. The house itself contains two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. This is also where the legal age of the action of the play takes place. All other action happens outside the house lines. Which for a stage audience requires them to suspend their disbelief even further. Whereas in a movie the viewer isnt required to stretch any of his or her imaginations. Although this particular screen production utilized a un hold ined convention that allowed the viewer to actually see through the set.One other interesting convention used by the designer was that there was no roof on the house at certain times during the performance. And in place of the roof were huge buildings and skyscrapers. These buildings were used to divulge a over-powering intuitive feeling of gloom. This tool is much more effectual in the movie, due to its headmaste r and abstract nature. This was also was very helpful during Willys day-dreams, on account of the house would exude an aura of peace an tranquillity. Together with the prevalent set in the movie, (where there is a roof and normal fencing), the idea is very well perceived.In spite of the fact that this play has been described as a modern tragedy, there has been some controversy to that description. The reason being that it does not accompany the standard protocol of tragedy. Traditionally speaking, a tragedy usually begins with the main character in the midst of a turgid position of piety. And over the course of the play becomes transformed and that character flips to a lower level of status. A tragedy is also reputed to acquaint its audience with regard to life. The audience should leave a tragedy feeling gross(a) about themselves,even though the tragedy concludes on a pure tone of melancholy. This is why scholars say they cannot include this play in the definition of tragedy.T his far-famed tale of a salesman contains a singular main character Willy (The Salesman)Loman, his two strapping young lads Happy and Biff, and of course his adoring wife Linda. Willy struggles to saddle horse his way up the American capitalist hierarchy, but its seems his ship will not come in. In spite of the fact that Willy would much kind of be laboring with his hands, he is setin the mindset that his real love could never make enough money. Disappointment after shame Willy decides that his only way to provide for his family would be to commit suicide. The number one son of the salesman, Biff, is paving his way for a discouraging life. Symbolically speaking, the character of Biff represents Willy at a younger age, for they both carry the corresponding characteristics. However Biff is given the same chance to do something with his life, and surprisingly enough he takes it. As for Willys other son, Happy decides that he will take the same long, hard road as his father, only he thinks that hell make it.The Character of Willy Loman seem to be the consummate(a) model to illustrate the dissension of the American capitalist ideals. For example he is a salesman who dons an aged suit that is ceaselessly creased during the course of the screen production, yet in the script is directed to appear dilapidated. He drive an archaic, hunt down down vehicle on the brink of extinction. While on the contrary, a proper salesman must appear presentable and attractive to market his goods. And Willy in spades does not harmonize with the ideals of being a salesman, divergently he pains to match it. Moreover that is the reason why he doesnt belong inside the world of business. As exemplified in the passage made by Biff in the requiem.When hed come from a trip or on Sundays, making the stoop.You know something Charley, theres more of him in that front stoop than in all the sales he ever made.This story seems to epitomize the frivolity of agonizing to achieve something as i nsignificant as money and power. It definitely makes one question the well-disposed values of the American capitalist system, and why certain individual continue to pursue the ideals of that system on a daily basis. For the downside to the capitalist dream is hopelessness. And that downside is more than apparent in the Loman family.Quote on page one Death of A Salesman, Arthur Miller, Viking Penguin Inc. 1949, Pg.139Quote on page two Death of A Salesman, Arthur Miller, Viking Penguin Inc. 1949, Pg.22Quote on page four Death of A Salesman, Arthur Miller, Viking Penguin Inc. 1949, Pg.138