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The law relating to non-fatal offences against the person is in urgent Essay

The law relating to non-fatal offences against the person is in urgent need of remedy - Essay ExampleThe law relating to non-fatal offences against the person is in urgent need of reformSome terminology have been interpreted in case laws, for instance, the term malicious which is used in endorsementtion 20 and 18 is not defined by the execution but courts have defined it as mens rea in section 20 and with intent in Sec 18. Assault, battery, grievous material psychic trauma and actual bodily harm are some non-fatal evils which are contained in Section 18, 20 and 47 of the Offenses Against Persons Act 18612. Generally, offenses against a person refer to all crime which is committed by use of physical harm or force against the victim. Non-fatal offenses include assault, toxicanting, wounding and inflicting grievous bodily harm, and battery. Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm is a crime according to Sec 18 of Offenses Against a Person Act 1861 while administering poison i s offense which is outlawed by Sec 24 of the same Act3. The law has not defined the word of honor malicious which is contained in Sec 18 and 20. The law should be reformed to deliberate a halal definition of malicious which in simple language whitethorn refer to bad motive of the wrongdoer. unlike arguments about mens rea have also been witnessed. Sec 47 of the Act provides the same mens rea as for lesser offenses such as a battery or assault. The law in this case is inconsistent since it not a requirement for the offender to realize the risk of injury and liability will arise even when the offender motives grievous body harm that result to minor harm . 4. The law is also inconsistent in the sentencing structure on the maximum sentence attached to each offense. For instance, offenses under Sec 39 of the Act carries a maximum imprisonment term of six months while an offense under Sec 47 provides for a maximum of five years imprisonment5. Mens rea which is equivalent in both Se c 39 and Sec 47 of the Act leads to variations in the sentence thus unjust. Sec 20 offenses of the Act are considered to cause more injury yet they carry the same imprisonment sentence as sec 47 offenses. According to justice and fairness principles of the legal systems, offenders should be morally distinguishable and be treated in a different manner depending on their motive of committing the crime. The Offenses Against the Person Act 1861, is completely outdated since it does not reflect the current social structure. New forms of communication, diseases and methods of committing crime have not been catered for in the law. For instance, Sections 18, 20 and 47 of the Act use the frequent word bodily harm which leaves psychological injury that the victim may suffer due to fear or medical complications due to transmission of diseases such HIV. For instance, Sec 18 of the Act makes it offense wounding and causing grievous bodily harm with intention to the victim, but it fails to give a clear definition of injury. However, courts have been of the opinion that injury should constitute both physical and any mental injury sustained by the person including unconsciousness, pain, and impairment of the mental ability of the person. Sec 20, which makes it offense to wound or inflict grievous bodily harm and Sec 39 on common law assault and battery does not define the nature of injury which can result from the heedless or intentional application of force to the victim6. The law on mens rea of battery needs urgent reforms. The prosecution should prove the unlawful application of force to the other person or the recklessness of the offender in his or her actions. Sec 47

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Business and Society. Business Ethics. Application of ethical theory Essay

Business and Society. Business Ethics. Application of honest theory to a quality study - Essay ExampleMoreover, the analysis will consider the ways in which this particular indite might have handled the situation better as well as a final taste over whether or not turkey cock ultimately did the ethical good or bad in the given situation. With regards to the stakeholders within this specific case that has been listed, there ar three. Firstly, there is Tom, the graphic artist works on a tight deadline at the heart of the ethical conflict. Tom represents that only individual within the case, who is faced with an ethical dilemma. The second shareholder is that of Nina, the Internet blogger whose content was unwittingly downloaded and copied by Tom in an attempt to meet the deadline he had with the supermarket chain. Lastly, the supermarket chain itself represents the third and final shareholder within this particular ethical case. Naturally, with regards to this particular case , the key ethical consideration at hand is whether or not Tom has acted ethically with relation to borrowing Ninas content without permission and passing it off as his own in an effort to appease his distributor. The case is somewhat compounded and complicated by the fact that initially Tom wished to do the right thing and contacted Nina with regards to her permission to use aspects of her ar iirk in finalizing his own project. However, as the deadline loomed finisher and closer and Tom did not have the wherewithal to finish the project under his own power, he was on the face of it forced to proceed on with Ninas design without ever hearing back regarding her confirmation on his ability to borrow key aspects of her own ideas. The issue, therefore, extends well beyond legalities and whether or not Ninas artwork exhibited on her blog was available to Tom under the fair use clause of the law rather, ethically speaking, the question centres upon whether or not Tom had the ethical righ t to borrow Ninas artwork without her confirmation, whether it was ethical of Tom to pass this artwork along unattributed, and the degree and extent to which he had a moral and ethical obligation to his employer to produce genuine and buffer work to fulfil the order (Cuilla 2011, p. 340). With regards to evaluating this case using two ethical theories that have thus far been discussed within the confines of this course, it is the belief of this student that the two ethical theories that best apply to the given case in point are those of the moral philosophy of rights and postmodern ethics. With regards to the ethics of rights, one can see quite plainly and fairly readily that the ultimate issue at the heart of the matter is whether or not Tom has the right to the material that he has borrowed/stolen without the consent of the original artists. In this sense, the theory of rights denotes that the following questions must be answered if an ethical decision is to result whose rights are at stake, what are the corresponding obligations, and how should these rights be ranked? With regards to the first one, the right of Nina as well as the rights of the supermarket are at stake. The rights of Nina relate, of course, to her right as the original artist to be secure in the fact that no one else is duplicating or passing off their own work as hers.

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Prepare a proposal to the CEO of ZExpress Coursework

Prepare a proposal to the CEO of ZExpress - Coursework ExampleThey need to understand their role and early(a)s as well to put the overall administration in perspective. Its scarce then they shall optimize the resources and take full advantage of the M&A which has taken place. If there is a communication gap between focusing or morphological deficiencies, it will directly effect the business and hence its profitability. SMART objectives Specific What exactly do I want to achieve Create a structure which is acceptable to all top management of co-ordinated companies. Who reports to whom? Why? Who is senior to whom? Why? Is single reporting structure better or should there be dual reporting? How about dotted reporting? Should companies still con lieur their staff separate from other companies? These are few of the questions which can be asked in order to achieve this project, because I believe that its however a healthy management team which can fulfill your target of increasing r evenue and change magnitude costs by correct delegation and reporting. Measurable How will I know I hasten got it? Seamless flow of administrative instructions with 99% accuracy will be a blame where one can say that the structure is running smoothly. There can be staff members set from the top management who shall be responsible in implementing the whole plan and giving feedback to overall management team about its progress and improvements required if any. Since time in hand to revamp the whole outline is only 6 months, keeping in mind the Bonsai business, this unavoidably to be done on antecedency and within 6 weeks or so. Achievable How do you know you are capable of reaching this last? A step is already taken by identifying the CEO, 3 VPs and 3 GMs all from different past companies. The rest of the structure should fall in place whereby the remaining Ex GMs and VPs and COOs of the merged companies find their silk hat fit in the organization. There are innumerable exam ples of good and bad management structures available by research on other companies where one can learn from in case of such M&As. Hence its certainly achievable, but its success depends on its planning and execution. Realistic How realistic is this oddment? lay a structure in place for better organizational management is achievable with correct learning and cooperation from all team members. This is a prerequisite and there is no question of it being non realistic. Timed How persistent will it take me to reach this goal? Time is of essence here, but that should not lead to a haphazard structure or strategy. Huge effort has to go into this, within a significantly nice time frame. 6 weeks is what I have set with scope of 2 weeks delay. This is assuming that its not only the restructuring work being carried out but other projects being implemented side by side in operations, logistics and administration. Contribution to your goals This project will be the hidden secret to your su ccess if its well executed. squad work specially between staff of different merged companies is key to success of the united entity. Your goal to make UPE a company which is most exciting to your staff and suppliers and eventually become best dissemination and Logistics Company worldwide can be possible if this goal is achieved in early stages of new company. It is these stick teams which will enable the company to be agile and responsive to customers business needs across the world. Challenge 1 - Relatively less cooperation from management team of either of the merged com

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Otto Wagner Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Otto Wagner - Term melodic theme ExampleHe showed his true genius in his many monumental buildings as swell as through outstanding conception and functional designs. Wagner was born on 13th July in the year 1841. The actors father died when he was about 5 years old. Otto attended capital of Austria academy and later, in between 1857-1862, he went to the polytechnic institute of structural design1. Still on his struggle for knowledge he as well attended a visual arts academy with his two friends Eduard von der null and grand Sicard von Sicardburg. Before becoming a renowned architect he was an apprentice especially in the bailiwick of visual arts and architecture. He designed several buildings with outstanding unique features but many of his whole works were never realized. Otto Wagner had two sons Sofia Paupie though these two couples were never married, he adopted these two sons (Mallgrave, 19933, 54). His marri periods took place alone due to the pressure of his mother there fore he ended up getting married twice. His prime(prenominal) wife was Josephine Domhart while the second one was Louise Stiffel. He later died in the year 1918 at the age of 77 leaving behind his two wives, three sons and a daughter. In the history of design Otto corpse the father of the modern architecture in capital of Austria. The buildings he designed define the ancient outlook of Vienna at the crack of the twentieth epoch. In the urban planning engineering, Otto is historically remembered as having designed the urban bridges, railway networks, and the well-structured railway stations in the Vienna. His design and architectural work is used as the historical references while looking back to the previous centuries. The movement Otto is linked with is the union of the Australian artists or the Vienna succession. He joined this movement in order to unite both the national and the international artists. The stage setting and the style Otto is associated with is the facade decora tions design in the structural designing systems he undertaken. Otto Wagners Movement and flare Otto Wagner was a member of the Vienna Secession Group of Artists whose styles were varied with no single style sexual union the work of members of the Secession. One of the primary concerns of the Secessionists was to explore the possibility of developing an art movement that would be up to(p) to operate outside the confines of academic tradition. Most of the members of the group such as Otto Wagner particularly hoped to stimulate and develop a style that is free from the historical influence. With regard to their architecture, Secessionists preferred to decorate their buildings using additive ornamentation2. With regard to his style, although the early works of Otto Wagner were primarily designed in the already established New-Renaissance style, he in stages shifted his style from New- Renaissance to Art Nouveau as was evidenced by his later architectural designs. Additionally, as an architectural school teacher, Wagner particularly stressed and fused art Nouveau/Secession style to his students. Art Nouveau was largely an ornamental artistic design style that flourished between 1890 and 1910 in several parts of the Europe as well as the United States. The style was characterized by the use of long sinuous and organic lines and was employed non only in architectural design but also in jewelry, interior design, posters, glass

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Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Philosophy - Essay Examplemodern font philosophical thinking tries to explain the theory of cognition thereby trying to explain why and how the events incorporate place and subsequent pattern of behaviour of man under certain condition involving emotional and metaphysical reaction.Philosophy can be broadly defined as an attempt to explain the sequence of events or happenings around us that directly or indirectly influence our actions and reactions in our daily life. It makes special efforts to run into and evaluate the thought processes and principles regarding truth, duty and knowledge about the things in general. Hence, philosophy is that branch of accessible knowledge that tries to interpret everything and anything in the wider empirical consideration of our experiences of conscious and unconscious manifestations of our existence. It therefore, can be said that from each one of us, follow a definite philosophy which guides our actions and our efforts to gain knowledge.Philos ophy, with its wide ranging implications and its inherent tendency of examination and military rating of ideas and events, is amalgamation of totally areas of learning and encompasses all fields of social sciences. Philosophy is the most inclusive of all branches of learning, and acts as a touchstone to all other aspects of human knowledge (Sw. Krishnanand). Where all other branches of social sciences like biology, physics, sociology, history etc., work towards explaining and researching subjects and areas that come within its precinct, philosophy and philosophical thoughts promote learning done the application of various fields of social science as well as explaining through the metaphysical aspect of the experiences and events.Various philosophers like Aristotle, Pluto, Hume etc. have espoused philosophies regarding different aspect of our lifes ideologies and pattern of living a moral and ethical life. The philosophy is part and parcel of every human being and he or she exhibi t

Standardized Testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

regularize Testing - Essay ExampleA non- regularise test, on the other hand, is the opposite of a standardized test. This type of testing gives notably different tests to respective(a) test takers, or administers the same test under extensively different conditions. For font, a non-standardized test efficacy occur when one group is offered far less time to tackle the test than other group. It competency also occur when one group evaluates a test differently than another group for instance when the same answer is regarded right for one scholar, but incorrect for another scholar. Standardized tests are considered as being fairer when compared to non-standardized tests (Butler & Stevens, 2009). The steadiness also permits more reliable contrast of outcomes across e very test taker. Standardized tests, due to their fairness, should be regarded as the best way of testing side of meat Language Learners. This paper will, hence, try on to support the argument that standardized tests are the best way of testing English Language Learners. When it comes to English Language Learners, standardized testing should be considered as the best way of assessing their understanding (Coltrane, 2009). This is due to a lot of reasons that will be explained later in this paper. It is essential to discuss the pros and cons of standardized testing in order to understand the significance of standardized testing to English Language Learners. Standardized testing holds educators, schools, as well as their ELLs, accountable. Perhaps the best benefit of standardized testing is that educators and their respective schools are answerable for training their English Language Learners what they are needed to be familiar with for these standardized tests. This is mainly because these tally turn into public record and educators, as well as their respective schools, who do not act as expected can come under severe scrutiny. This scrutiny might lead to losing of jobs and in some situations a school might be shut or run by the adduce (Coltrane, 2009). Standardized testing also allows English Language Learners or ordinary students located in different districts, schools, or even states to be compared. If it were not for standardized testing, this contrast would not be possible. Students from public schools in Texas are all needed to do standardized tests at the same time, whether an ELL or not. This implies that a learner in Amarillo may be compared to a learner in Dallas. Being capable of accurately analyse data is priceless, and this is why that the Common Core Standards for each state have been developed. These will grant a more precise comparison between every state (Flores & Trumbull, 2002). Another advantage of using standardized testing with regards to English Language Learners is that standardized testing is naturally accompanied by a preen of well-known standards or instructional framework that provide educators with help for when and what needs to be taugh t. Without this arrangement, a tertiary grade tutor and a sixth grade educator could be teaching a alike(p) content to their English Language Learners (Menken, 2008). Having this curriculum also keeps ELLs who shift from one district school to another from being far ahead or behind their new institution. Standardized tests are also accusing in reality (Flores & Trumbull, 2002). Classroom grades set by a tutor are at the very least simply subjective in reality. Standardized tes

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Prevention of the dangers facing hospitals Research Paper

Pr correcttion of the dangers facing hospitals - enquiry Paper ExampleTo date, health c be is primary domestic priority among Americans, and their top financial doctor deals with the skyrocketing costs of health care (Newport, Jones, Saad, Gallup & Israel, 2009). In fact, 16 per cent of the US gross national increase goes to health care. It should not, therefore, come as a surprise that health care is a principal emerge in the national consciousness of Americans (Griffin, 2011, p. 3). Ironically, however, Sultz and Young (2011) observed that while the American health care transcription prioritized health promotion and disease prevention, health care expenses tend to be concentrated on treating what are early(a)wise preventable diseases. Moreover, it was revealed not too long ago that hospitals are not really the safest localize in America, and perhaps around the world, with 48,000 deaths each year reported due to hospital acquired infections (DeNoon, 2010). There is even a big possibility that incidences of hospital acquired infections are not reported as intimated by roughly medical experts (Doyle, 2011). Infections are just one of the many dangers which put both patients and medical practitioners at risk. former(a) possible sources of danger in hospitals are direct physical hazards and malfunction of medical electrical devices, pic to medical radiation, health hazards of mobile phones, human errors, medication errors, unsanitary practices, etc. (Leitgeb, 2010 Peart 2010 Mennen, 2005 Raheja, 2011 Pozgar 2007). Cognizant of such dangers which this instant and / or indirectly threaten the safety of patients confined in a hospital or those barely availing of out-patient services, an attempt pull up stakes be made to propose interventions and courses of action to avoid these two sources dangers in the hospital. Interventions will be framed on the premise of avoiding those which can be prevented, and mitigating the effects of those which are not prevent able. 2.0. procurable technology 2.1. Air-borne infection Cursue, Popa, Sirbu, and Popa (2009) supports the benefits of engineering control measures for the reduction of the concentration of airborne infections. Prevention of the spread of such particles in a structure lessens contact with infectious pathogens, as well as the threat of sickness from this kind of pathogens. However, engineering controls comprise only one-third of the necessary control elements towards the mitigation risks from airborne infections in health care settings. As explained in Atkinson, Chartier, Pessoa-Silva, Jensen, Li, and Seto (2009), transmission of airborne infections happens by the spreading of droplet nuclei over a long distance from an infected patient. A number of necessary factors are met for the dissemination of droplet nuclei. These are (1) heading of viable pathogen inside the droplet at the source of the infection (2) survival of the pathogen inside the droplet after expulsion from its sou rce, and preservation of its ability to cause infection even after being exposed to evaporation, light, temperature, relative humidity, and / or other physical challenges (3) reaching a specific infective dose sufficient to infect a hypersensitised host, and (4) exposure or contact of the droplet to a susceptible host. The Word Health Organization (2007, as cited in Atkinson, et al, 2009) maintained that preventing the spread of airborne infections involves the implementation of the so-called airborne precautions. This is realized with the setting of the following forms

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Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society Essay

Approaches to Spanish Culture and Society - Essay ExampleAccording to the study finding memory is usually associated with narratives duration sites of the same harbor the locations for second-order remembrance where individuals remember their colleagues at specific locations besides how they victimized people. Many pedantic experts concur that past memories determine the future while at the same time enabling variant to the new order in the modern society. Dominant political authorities play a life-or-death role in shaping history, which is not a linear process. The political power continues to shift from the political orientation through to images embedded in museums, memorials, and monuments. The following features remain part of the memory within the realm of sociable construction in the modern society. They include among others conflicted and shred persons, public, and official memories, collective recordings, factors that challenge the truth, modernism, and authenticity. As the handle declares world hegemonic power and countries practicing the culture of capitalism continue to influence and spread new pieces of culture that besides erodes the original information involving many ethnic communities and states. Most of the eroded history entails a lot of information throughout their history guiding enlightenment, freedom of the marketplace also referred to by other scholars as market liberalization, and rationalization among many more. The existing literature especially on Spain helps in discovering and digging into the past value remembering in unprecedented volume and speed.

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Blowfish Encryption Algorithm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

globefish Encryption Algorithm - Essay ExampleCustomers get via credit cards for the purchased books that are delivered to them. In this scenario, any sort of security breach may shoot an SQL injection or cross site scripting attack on the weather vanesite can affect the business as well as customer confidence. Therefore, securing the systems as well as info communication on the web is essential to protect. This also implies to personal or customer data that is maintained and managed by the organization. For instance, E- commerce base organizations stores information of their customer related to credit card numbers, passwords, telephone numbers, address, bank details etc. It is the state of the organization to protect and secure data privacy. However, thither is not a single law that states how to come up to customer information. For this reason, organizations sell or trade customer information with business partners and even to third parties. Likewise, sometimes the sole purp ose of this personal data exchange is funds. Although, every online organization has a privacy indemnity which states how they will handle and secure customer data but at the same time there is no verification criteria. In the following sections, we will discuss the protection of highly sensitive data by the best possible control i.e. encoding algorithmic rules. Likewise, we will precisely discuss blowfish encryption algorithm and its integration with applications that are involved in handling customer highly sensitive data. Blowfish Encryption Algorithm As per computer desktop encyclopedia Blowfish encryption algorithm is specify as A secret detect cryptography method that uses a variable length bring out from 32 to 448 bits long. It uses the block figure method, which breaks the text into 64-bit blocks before encrypting them. Written by Bruce Schneier, as a forgo replacement for diethylstilbesterol or opinion, it is considered very fast and secure and as per network dicti onary, it is defined as Blow?sh is an encryption algorithm that can be used as a replacement for the DES or IDEA algorithms. It is a symmetric (that is, a secret or private key) block cipher that uses a variable-length key, from 32 bits to 448 bits, making it useful for both domestic and exportable use. Blowfish is an encryption algorithm that was invented by Bruce Schneier in 1993 (Pachghare, n.d). It is constructed on a variable length key ranging from 32 buts to 448 bits that is considered to be perfect for both local and international use along with a solid encryption algorithm. after(prenominal) its recognition to be relatively solid encryption algorithm, it is gradually gaining acceptance. Some of the core features of blowfish algorithm include (Pachghare, n.d) Blowfish has a block cipher of block consisted of 64 bit The length of the key can be up to 448 bits On 32 bit microprocessor architecture, data encryption is supported at a rate of 18 clock cycles on every byte that i s much quicker than DES and IDEA encryption. It is still free to use and is not patented Memory requirements for blowfish are less than 5 kilobytes of memory. The semantics are simplified and is relatively easy to deploy. The design requirements for a blowfish encryption algorithm incorporates robust, unreserved to code, compact, easily modifiable and flat key space features (Anderson. n.d ). Likewise, flat key space facilitates random thread to be considered as a possible key from a required length. Moreover, it deploys data in commodious byte

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Energy Drinks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

zero Drinks - Essay ExampleEnergy drinks contains caffeine which provides stamina and increases the physical performance to the consumers. In natural form, caffeine is a bitter preference drug but most of the ability drinks are processed to c over the bitter taste. Caffeine is contained in drinks like chocolate, coffee, tea and many other soft drinks, it in addition found in many over the counter medications especially the painkillers. Caffeine is usually eliminated from the body very rapidly though its effects whitethorn last for about six hours.Caffeine and other ingredients of energy drinks stimulate the substitution nervous organisation thereby improving the metabolic reactions of the body, hence they are used recreationally and medically to restore mental awareness. When the central nervous system is stimulated, the brain tends to function faster due to improved flow of thought, increased watchfulness and better coordination of the body and in excess the effects flow to t he spinal cord (Han et al 2007, 499).The energy drinks has several other ingredients that include taurine and glucuronolactone apart from caffeine. Taurine is a type of an amino red-hot that is found naturally in the human body and is a very important building layover for proteins. Many people rely on energy drinks to replace the lost taurine, as in taurine is lost in times of stress in small amounts leading to some sort of want (Craig & Stitzel 2008, 219). The taurine amino acids are believed to be antitoxic substances that cleanse the body of harmful substances. Glucuronolactone is carbohydrate metabolite that also occurs naturally in the body though it can be synthesized artificially, it provides instant energy boost since its a carbohydrate formed from glucose catabolism and its also believed to cleanse the body of harmful substances. The bodys homeostasis system is designed to manage constancy in the body, upon consumption of caffeine the body reacts to it to try and neutra lize the effects of the caffeine by dint of the process termed metabolism or catabolism to be precise. Caffeine is totally absorbed in the subscribe and the small intestines within the first thirty minutes after ingestion. Following absorption, caffeine is metabolized into three compounds theobromine, paraxanthine and theophyline with the latter(prenominal) constituting the smaller percentage while paraxanthine comprising the largest percentage about 84% (Craig & Stitzel 2008, 223). Metabolism takes place in the colored with the use of enzyme system called cytochrome P450 oxidase paraxathine breaks down lipids into fatty acids and glycerol in a process called lipolysis, theobromine is alkaloid that is also a vasodilator and therefore dilates blood vessels and hence increases urine formation, and thoephylline is a smooth muscle relaxant and a diuretic (Craig & Stitzel 2008, 226). The three compounds are further metabolized before excretion. For the body to get rid of the foreign p articles in the body, caffeine and its by-products have to be eliminated and are usually excreted following the

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Point Helper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Point Helper - Assignment utilizationThis has been the case for several popular brands such as Hewlett Packard, Pepsi, AT&T, etc. Aside from the usual look into and campaign, companies have also utilized state-of-the-art recruitment materials (like quick response bar codes for AT&T), meshwork videos, and informational web sites. From the use of one-size fits all strategy, companies have delved into specific growth opportunities and benefits of prospective employees.While oil prices in various Asian countries continue to decline significantly, it also reflects vulnerability in the macroeconomics aspect. Export commodities will be adversely affected, what with their heavy dependence on the buying power of overseas consumers. Inflation rates whitethorn also continue to climb. While the purchasing power of consumers particularly in China increases due to new-made wage hike, prices of commodities will also increase. Currency appreciation will adversely increase prices of real dry lan d and other

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Globalization Impact on Public Administration Essay

Globalization Impact on Public Administration - Essay ExampleGlobalization is referred to the phenomenon of converting the local markets into planetary markets. More specifically, it female genitalia in addition be explained as an initiative to encourage the domestic business players to emerge with the outlook of a global competitor (Globalization-Bowne Global Translation, 2011). It is in this context that globalization has played an effective federal agency to speed up the significance of democracy in public administrations. Democracy, in turn, strongly influenced sociable relations between antithetical nations leading towards a positive impact of globalization on the public administrations practices. It is worth mentioning that implementing democracy to check off legitimate governance in public services is passing essential in this context. Currently, the public officials be concentrating on the implementation of the democratic governance in their respective administrations which enhances the role of democracy in the system. Thus, because of the mutualist relationship existing between public administration and democracy, it is quite likely that the practices of this concept will discord from one nation to the other on the basis of the democratic divergences (Gonzalez, 2004). For instance, public administration practices of United States of the States have been claimed as different from that of other countries. According to the experts, the private sectors in US follow a modified and reframed law, sophisticated organizational theory, effective political science and economic implications. It is because of these factors that the public administration in US is quite different from other nations (Riggs, 2000). The public administration of US also possesses certain distinctive features. Among these the most significant feature is that the public administration practices consider a veil between the political sympathies and their administration in order t o create and ensure effective and clean governance. In US, the public officials do not allow the political issues to affect the internal atmosphere of the organization whereas, the tendency differs in certain other nations which may include both developed and developing countries. This significantly assists the public organizations in US to achieve its goal with limited political influence and other similar hurdles. Thus, the US public officials can be observed to approach with an inductive thinking for the betterment of the system (Sezen, 2000). Globalization plays a gravestone role in framing legal constraints and also tends to direct legal practices and modifications in the existing forms by restructuring and expansion. Furthermore, the functions of national legislation have been observed to decline. Simultaneously, the international commercial arbitration centers earned increasing enormousness after the elimination of transnational commercial disputes. These were the effects of the legal restraints over globalization. Moreover, these effects took place imputable to the increasing importance of privatization in the legal power of the US. These effects are measured on the basis of profit in the number of commercial arbitration centers. On the contrary, the US practiced a unique jurisdiction for public administration. This in turn diminished the dependency of public administrations on the administrative laws and thus the role played by these laws was also altered (Sezen, 2000). In the similar context, public officials tend to be highly influenced by the cultural bases which again are reflected in their public administra

MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Practice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

MARKETING pro Practice - Essay ExampleAt the next level, the people who go away work on this conceptions realization need to be identified and appropriately trained. The research for the staff take for the shutting of an faceal plan begins within the organization. If specific competencies are involved in the particular understand, then individuals with the required skills need to be identified. At this point, there is the following problem is the organization involved able to resolve to the financial needs of such initiative? In current case, the financial status of the particular (non profit) organization is rather satisfactory at least for now. However, the organization is not able of hiring staff for this reason, volunteers will be asked to participate in the particular forcing out supporting the organizations permanent staff. The various aspects of the specific scheme of attracting volunteers need to be carefully reviewed a) volunteers will be treated like the perm anent staff, b) the tasks allocated to volunteers will be checked in accordance with the skills and the competencies of each individual, c) the time period of the volunteers participation in the project will be strictly defined each volunteer will be asked to participate in the project for a short period not more than a month in ready to guarantee the quality of the work provided but also the availability of volunteers, d) the performance of volunteers will be monitored ensuring that volunteers who extremely perform will be rewarded for their efforts non-financial rewards could be provided to volunteers aiming to enforce their motivation.When the financial and the non-financial resources required for the specific project moderate been allocated in the context described above then the practical implications and challenges of the project should be identified and evaluated. First, the phases of the project need to be presented a) in terms of location, the project will be

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Strawberries Attributes and Promotion Strategies Research Paper

Strawberries Attributes and Promotion Strategies - look for authorship ExampleWhat figure do you currently have in regards to strawberries? What ar the positive and negative aspects of this image? 2. What f fertilizeures or attributes do you consider when choosing whether to purchase strawberries and why these features? 3. In what situations do people eat strawberries? 4. wherefore do you think well-nigh people do not purchase strawberries? What then would motivate them to purchase strawberries? 5. Are people willingly ready to purchase a punnet of strawberries? Do you ever buy in punnets? And how much? 6. What values do you have in regards to eating strawberries? Do you think these values drive out attract other customers to eat strawberries? Respondent one I love strawberries. They are sweet and rose-cheeked for the body. My children love them also. Otherwise people do not eat the harvest because of the organic foods being introduced all(prenominal) over. The attribute s I look for I the oduor of the fruit and its size. The fruit should have a sweet aroma and should be just ripe. I often buy berries that also well package by the local industries. great deal tend more often to eat strawberries during picnics and as a fruit at home. I al representations carry some during picnics. Some people tend to have different desires for fruits. I think some just dislike the fruit, the legal injury is not consumer friendly or they eat it in other invent like wines and jams. I think it is wise to create awareness of benefits of eating the fresh whole fruit in matters of health. Otherwise advertising would go a long way in achieving this and free samples. muckle always purchase punnets of berries. Personally I do that all the time. I value the health benefits of this fruit. Research has shown that it helps in fighting cancer and has a lot of nutrients. I think people should be do aware of this value. I believe it can change the whole outlook of strawberries . Respondent two I do eat strawberries as a fruit. I however, prefer other types of fruits. The strawberries are quite costly compare to whitethornbe eating a banana. I look for big bunches that are freshly packaged Plus of course the price of the entire package. People eating strawberries anytime at work, leisure, breakfast. Personally I eat them over lunch time. I think they dont like the fruit otherwise the price is not as high as to discourage consumption. Otherwise with the issue of inorganic and organic foods they may also have had an issue. To motivate them to buy, promotions with free samples etc. should be done. People always buy punnets of strawberries. I value the fresh fruit in matters of nutrient content plus it is a costly way to maintain weight. Respondent three I love strawberries because they are good for my health. I always tincture the fruit I read the package plus am very conscious regards to inorganic fruits. I prefer locally produced. During picnics, breakfa st, lunchtime. People do not always purchase them because they do not understand the benefits of strawberries. Irregardless of the price I think the benefits outweigh the cost. People always buy them in punnets. I do that every day. I value the health benefits plus the taste of the strawberries. They look so good and taste so good. Health promotion should be done in regards to strawberries. Respondent four Strawberries are just fruits like any other fruit. I dont consume it so often because of the upcoming brands of inorganic foods in the market. I check for locally produced strawberries that are fresh. During

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Electronics Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Electronics - Coursework typesetters caseThe gain of an amplifier is usu altogethery given in decibels or its unit less if the input and output variables atomic number 18 the same (all current, voltage or power. The power gain of an amplifier depends on the sources and load resistances used and its voltage gain. The amplifier should be linear in most cases so its gain should be constant. Electronic amplifiers find their applications in Radios, television set Transmitters, Receivers, and high-fidelity stereo equipments, Microcomputers, and other electronic digital equipments.The 1M and 10k potentiometer/ disco biscuit boxes were used to set VCE and VBE to the determine shown in dodge 1 to give the input characteristics of the BJT. The voltages across RB were careful and enter for all measurements of VCE and VBE. The 10k potentiometer/decade box was s3et to its maximum value so that the output characteristics could be determined. The 1M potentiometer/decade box was adjusted to s et Ib to 10A, and the desired values of RB were calculated using the measured values of RB. the value of 10k potentiometer/decade box was adjusted for all values of VCE in table 2 of the results analysis charm Ib was kept constant. The voltage across the 100 resistor was measured and recorded for each combination of VCE and IB. In common emitter configu balancen, the input is connected between the point of view and the emitter while the output is taken between collector and emitter. The emitter is the common terminal as shown in the above figure. Emitter base voltage is the input voltage, base current flows in the circuit and then the in the output resister, hence there will be high power and voltage gains and its output and input voltage ratio is moderate hence this configuration is commonly used.Increasing the supply voltage causes the base current to be lower for a given value of base-emitter voltage this implies that higher values of supply voltage leads to greater collector-b ase junction reverse bias, hence greater depletion region

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Five Point Plan for Crime Reduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Five Point Plan for offense drop-off - Essay ExampleYet, despite placing more and more individuals under the control of the countrys punitory center, the abuse rate does not seem to be going down. A reasonable conclusion that weed be reached from the aforesaid findings is that the present justice system is not working as expected. Alternative plans or policies, therefore, should be adopted to bridge the gap between law enforcement and effective reduction in crime rates. Such policies and measures should be able to address the shortcomings of the existing approaches to crime reduction as well as remedy the limited capacity of the criminal judicial system. Such measures should, at the least, include the following reduce re-offence through education, training and employment focused or individualized deterrence addressing criminal gangs from the roots Situational Crime Prevention (SCP), and less(prenominal)en drug use. Reducing re-offence through education, training and employment One way of reducing crime rates is to lower the rate of recidivism or reoffending. A study of rearrest, reconviction, and reincarceration conducted by the Bureau of detain Statistics (BJS) in the 1990s on inmates released in 1994 showed that within three years, more than 50% of them went back to prison house within three years from release. Thus, 73.8% of property offenders released in 1994 were rearrested within 3 years and so did 61.7% of hot crime offenders, 66.7% of drug offenders and 62.2% rate of public order offenders (2002). In 2000, 42% of 459,000 US parolees reoffended within 18 months from release (Serin, 2005). A parallel study of reoffending in the UK published by the Audit Commission (1996) revealed that most repeat offenders come from disadvantaged groups, which could entail homelessness, unemployment, drug use, mental and alcohol problems. A majority of the offenders ar unemployed at the time of arrest. The youth group has a high rate of recidivism, most of who ar gon out of school. Generally, most prisoners lack necessary skills for employment (Audit Commission, 1996) Intervention should be applied both in the prisons and in the community. According to Ofsted (2009), education, training and employment are the best ways of reducing re-offence. Joblessness triggers some citizenry to engage in crimes and join gangs to get money. Education and training for prisoners will provide them with important intimacy and skills, which will work to their advantage once they are released from prisons. Employment will be relatively easier and ultimately, reintegration into society. creation armed with the necessary education and training also reduce feelings of inferiority upon return to their respective communities. Difficulties in re-integration can cause depression and frustration and compel newly released prisoners to resort to recidivism. For the youth, this encourages them to seek the company of persons too situated, such as joining criminal gangs. Education intervention offers a chance for ex-convicts for a remedy life rather than engage again in criminality. Technical training is best for most prisoners because it is less academically oriented, but adult and juvenile prisons should receive the same level of education as those in mainstream schools. This will make it easy for the youth offenders to integrate back to their schools or continue with higher

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Changing the age of gambling Essay Example for Free

Changing the sequence of gambling EssayEveryone has gambled something in their life it could be betting your baseball cards to see who can eat the most slices of pizza, or who is paying for soft drinks as each races to the ne arst QuikTrip when you were kids. But why at the age 18, when we are considered adult citizens, do they fetter our rights to gamble in most casinos? If they restricted our rights to gamble, what would be next on their agenda? We need to put a stop to it now, by taking that step to re-evaluate the gambling age at twenty-one. The legalization of gambling at the age of eighteen would dally unity end-to-end the submits, state receipts, and job opportunities. If the joined orders legalizes the age of gambling to eighteen it would unify all the states and discard all mental confusion about the age of gambling. Our neighbor from the north, Canada, has legalized gambling to the age of eighteen and prospered vastly from it. Currently, there are casinos in L as Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. that are for the ages of twenty-one. But on the contrary, there are currently casinos on cruises and Indian reticences that are for the ages of eighteen (United 22).If America wanted to set an example for all the countries around the world, they must study more than consistency with their own policies. Changing the age of gambling uniformly throughout the states has more benefits than disadvantages. The important argument a move inst changing the gambling age was the addiction that it would bring to the mass. The addiction of gambling would ruin lives and bring separation between their families (Morris 14). But why all of sudden does the government care about destroy peoples lives and separation between families?Take for instance, all the lives the government ruined through wrongfully accusing victims that are sitting in prison for no apparent reason. Also, look at how unjust that as an eighteen year old adult can serve for our country and risk th eir lives by being illogical from our family but are still not allowed to gamble. The government does not need to put so practically restriction on the minor problems, with this resolution it would allow them to focus on the major issues in the United States today. The unification of the gambling age like Canada has vastly increased the prudence with casinos.Gambling in Canada has a net economic benefit that was equivalent to $3. 044 billion in 1995, up from $526 million in the 1990 economy (Council 3). Casinos in Las Vegas made $6. 1 billion in revenue since the first one opened (Council 5). Las Vegas revenue would easily triple if the legal gambling age was changed to eighteen. There tends to be casinos on Indian reservation that was for eighteen year olds and seemed very busy. Not only do they make money, but a life-sized amount of the money was made from eighteen year olds who are attracted from surrounding cities according to one of the muggins dealers.When the Aztar Casin o opened up in Evansville, Indiana, gambling opponents feared that it would increase crime rates and encourage harlotry in the state. One would almost say that they were disappointed when their prophecies didnt prove true (Morris 19). The statistics have failed to support both the claim that the casino has caused a crime increase or any other negative expectations. As more states allowed gambling casinos in the past decade, the consensus was that casinos lowered the crime rate in the communities in which they were located.Lobbyists, developers and commission pointed to studies showing dips in the crime rate after a flurry of casino construction in the 1990s (Morris 19). Casinos would become busier with the change of age to legally gamble and in return hire more positions. The gambling industry has become a major employer in most provinces in Canada, employment in the gaming industry increased from 11,900 to 39,200, an increase of 330% (Earl 7), and in Las Vegas every casino has a t least 4000 employees (Earl 8). match to the 2000 census, there are about 1.1 million eighteen year olds in the United States. Casinos would gain more business and hire more employees because of the increased business. People gambled for a variety of reasons, whether for a escape from their daily lives, the thrills of the chase, or the challenge of beating the odds. Gambling should not be restricted to a original age or to a certain area. If we legalized the age of gambling to eighteen we would bring unity throughout the states. Changing the gambling age to eighteen could maximize the states revenues through people being employed and people constantly visiting.There should be a change of the gambling age to eighteen because this policy would restrict and violate our rights as citizens within the United States.Works Cited Council of State Governments, Gambling A Source of State Revenue Lexington RM, 1973. Earl L. Grinols, Gambling in America Cost and Benefits New York Cambridge U niversity Press, 2004. Morris Ploscowe and Edwin J. Lukas, Gambling American Academy of policy-making and Social Science Philadelphia Annals, 1950. United States Congress Senate- Select Committee on Indian Affairs, Gambling on Indian Reservations and Lands Washington D. C. G. P. O. , 1985.

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Professional relationships with children Essay Example for Free

Professional relationships with children EssayDescribe how to establish honourful, nonrecreational relationships with cock-a-hoops. The support which you will engage to represent new(prenominal) adults will be on several levels which give the gate be remembered with the acronym PIPE. Practical you whitethorn be working with others who are unfamiliar with the classroom or drill surroundings who wishing help or advice finding equipment or resources. Informative you whitethorn need to give support to mass who may non view as information about a particular situation, or you may be asked to prepare or write reports on specific savants. Professional you may need to support or help others with things such as planning or you may be asked if others give the bounce observe you while working with students.Emotional it is important to support others through day-to-day events by guardianship a sense of humour. The main elements to building relationships with children and adult s in any situation are if others are well-provided in your company as they will be more likely to publish effectively. If commonwealth wear offt get along or feel uneasy around from each one other they be given to avoid each other whenever possible and so relationships dont develop. Positive relationships dont happen by chance they need to be thought about and bearings to develop them need to be considered.The importance of adult relationships as role perplexs for Children and Young People.When working as a nonrecreational adult with children and teenage people you need to remember that you should be a positive role model for the students. This means you have to show them how to relate to and communicate with others at all times through your interactions and relationships with other adults and students, it is as well important that they settle you behaving professionally and appropriately while in school. You build relationships with other people in school on a daily bas is in numerous ways.Children and young people will endlessly respond to positive communication and relationships from adults, this will help them want to be in school and learn more. In some cases parentsmay non always agree with the schools ethos, this shouldnt be seen as a negative thing, this should be seen as an opportunity for the school and parents to talk and discuss what they believe is est for the student/s.Task 2 Know how to communicate with children, young people and adults. How communication with children and young people differs crossways different age ranges and stages of development.Communication can be broken down into 4 different paladin categories Verbal, non-verbal, formal and informal. Depending on age children and young people will require different levels of attention when communicating. younger children may need more reassurance especially if they have only just started school, which may result in them need more physical contact. As children grow up and become more mature they may need more help when talking through issues or reflecting on their thoughts. You need to remember to vary vocabulary used and consider repeating what you have said when speaking with younger children to practice positive(predicate) they understand what you have talked about.You need to act more sensitively towards children who have communication difficulties, such as partial hearing, as they will need to take their time and feel comfortable when speaking. Some children may not be nervous when speaking so you will need to change the way in which you communicate to make sure that it suits their individual needs. If they have a speech ail like a stammer or tourettes which can make it difficult for them, you need to allow them to take their time and not rush them.It is also important to try and not fill in words for them or sound off what they are trying to say as this could add to their nervousness and may make their speech disorder worse or make them lo se confidence in themselves. Additional training is a just thing to consider to help you be able to communicate effectively with the students. In some cases when children have special educational needs you may have to have additional equipment in order to communicate with each other such as hearing aids and microphones.The main differences between communicating with adults and communicating with children and young people.There can be many similarities when communicating with adults, children and young people, such as always remembering to maintain eye contact, responding to what they have said and treating them with respect. However when communicating with children and young people you also need to think about the relationship with their parent/carer and what that means in a school context. No matter how well you get on with the person you must always remember that they need to see you in a professional way and that your relationship with them will always need to be that way when i n school. Whenever you communicate with children and young people you need to make sure your very clear in what you say.They rely on teachers to communicate clearly to them what is expected of them, so that they can communicate well for themselves. You should not use over complicated language which could confuse them or long lists of instructions which can make things difficult for them to grasp. As adults, you need to show children and young people how to get along and communicate with each other positively.You also need to show behaviour that you expect from them. If you can show the students that you value and respect others around you they are more likely to show the same behaviour towards adults and other students. Children copy the adult behaviour around them from an early age regardless of if its positive or negative behaviour cosmos exhibited. By showing respect for each other when communicating with adults or children this will help young children learn and grow up with po sitive communication skills.

The development of new reproductive technologies Essay Example for Free

The development of new generative technologies EssayExplain roughly of the religious and moral upshots relevant to the development of new fruitful technologies. 35The development of new reproductive technologies urinate revolutionised the way society turn overs infertility. However, many object to methods such as IVF, copy, ICSI and PGD for moral and religious reasons. In examining these issues, a good place to start is IVF.IVF in vitro fertilisation is one of the intimately commonly used reproductive technologies. This method bypasses the need for inter course of action to conceive embryos are instead created in a lab and implanted into a mother. It empennage either use gametes from two parents, or in the case of a homoerotic couple near of the material give be donated. From a benevolent-rights perspective everyone has the right to a family life, which near interpret to mean a right to IVF. However, so far from a purely secular point of view there are moral pr oblems with IVF. For example, the new ICSI method bypasses many of the bodys natural defences for weeding out unfit sperm and therefore the child is at a higher risk of genetic abnormalities. Additionall(a)y, some feminists view reproductive technology with suspicion. Feminists refer to a pro-natalist ideology prevalent in Western society, whereby women are encouraged to think that their fulfilment and happiness depends upon their being able to bear children. They fear women may be coerced into IVF.The main issue that Christians would wealthy person with IVF is that many embryos are created and then destroyed. More embryos are make waterd in post to increase the chances of triple-crown implantation, but in the UK you drop non use more than two embryos per IVF cycle. This creates spare embryos that are discarded, experimented upon or frozen for posterior use. The majority of Christians believe that life and personhood are intertwined, and two begin at conception. Christians believe in the holiness of life, meaning that all human life is created in Gods image and has intrinsic worth. The most important verse they turn to is part of the Decalogue do not kill. Moreover, Psalm 139 says, you knit me together in my mothers womb. Therefore the discarding of spare embryos is murder of an innocent life.As with any issue, denominational opinions differ. The papistic Catholic Church defends traditional family structures and view IVF as unnatural. They published a document in 1987called detect for Human Life in its Origin and the Dignity of Procreation. This emphasised the principles concerning the sanctity of life laid waste much earlier in the Papal Encyclical, Humanae Vitae of 1968. In summary it claimed that children were a gift from God and not a commodity, and the proper place for children is within marriage. The church has expressed fears that IVF trivialises intercourse.Protestant churches tend to take a more lenient view. For example, the Free Presby terian Church accepts IVF provided that the couple are married, spare embryos are not created and no donors are used. Both the Methodist Church and the Church of England are quite positive about all crops of IVF and even permit research on spare embryos up to 14 days old because it can be of great help to doctors researching genetic diseases, although embryos should not be created solely for this purpose.Other more drastic forms of reproductive technology pose a bigger problem for the churches. The successful cloning of Dolly the Sheep overt up a debate on the potential of human cloning and saviour siblings. Reproductive cloning would devalue individuality and result in negative psychological effects in the cloned person. Cloned animals tend to receive a shorter lifespan and there is a genuine fear that a sub- disunite of humans could be produced in order for their organs to be harvested.This commodification of life sounds worry science fiction, but according to Paul Ramsey it is a real threat. Cloning also removes the need for a male. In the case of Dolly, she had three mothers one provided the egg, another(prenominal) the DNA and a third carried the cloned embryo to term. The embryo was given an electric shock in order to begin the division process. For Christians this disrupts Gods design for reproduction and parenthood. The only form of cloning that some churches would permit is therapeutic cloning, when a persons stem cells can be used to produce organs that are an exact match. Mary Seller, a member of the Church of Englands Board of Social Responsibility, states, Cloning, like all science, must be used responsibly. Cloning humans is not desirable.Furthermore, another key form of reproductive technology is PGD pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. This process can eliminate genetic diseases by selection (negative therapy) and can also alter the genes to improve an embryo (positive therapy). It can be used to prevent suffering for both the child and pare nts. Moral objects are raised because, just like IVF, negative therapy involves fertilising several embryos with the intent of destroying those with the disease. This is dehumanising to change people, because it suggests that society would be better off without them. Positive therapy takes it to another level, and could result in a class of humans that are genetically modified for upper limit health, intelligence and appearance. This destroys individualism and Christians refer to it as, playing God. gibe to the Free Presbyterian Church, remember that each time cells are harvested for the treatment of someone who is sick, a new and consecrate life is callously ended.Moving on, reproductive technology can be evaluated according to traditional ethical principles. Starting with Utilitarianism, Patrick Steptoe is quoted as stating that It is a fact that there is a biological desire to reproduce. If this is the case, then the maximum amount of happiness for the greatest amount of peop le will be achieved if they are able to reproduce, even if they need IVF or other interventions. Since successful IVF treatment will bring an enormous amount of happiness utilitarians are in agreement with such treatments. In the case of an infertile couple the utilitarian will look at the options available and strive towards to goal of conception. Likewise, if PGD and cloning can help alleviate human suffering it will be supported by utilitarians.Situation ethics bases the morality of an action on the circumstances that surround it. The only underlying principle is that we should always choose the most loving course of action, and there is no absolute morality. Whether an infertile couple should have access to IVF is based entirely on their individual situation. Natural law, on the other hand, is not so accepting. It is similar to the view the Roman Catholic Church takes. IVF and other technologies are unnatural and therefore immoral. Some criticise this theory because they claim t hat it is no more unnatural then the countless other forms of human intervention such as when we have an operation.Ultimately, reproductive technology causes us to rethink our views on family, marriage, sex and what makes a mother. Regardless of their views, Christians should be sorrow towards those suffering from the effects of infertility. You cannot understand their situation unless you have experienced it personally.

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Reply of an Invitation Essay Example for Free

Reply of an Invitation demonstrateThank you for the invitation to the Chinese National Day. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet you only. I am very much happy that sharing the happiness and being a speaker at an upcoming dinner at Government House. Globally speaking, chinaware is known as one of the originations fastest growing economies. Due to the fact that the potential of China has been currently realized, trading with China becomes a major trend in the world. Especially in terms of the I. T. industry because of the large sum total of population and rapid development of internet lead China to become the most powerful state in the world.Therefore, I am going to share the knowledge and views of dealing with China I. T. , in accordance of rights to my experiences. Also, a funny but short video, which is created by the team of resource and development from our organization, would be sociable played for briefly introducing the relationship between China and I. T. a nd emphasizing the celebration of the Chinese National Day. Additionally, I would like to get more information in order to enrich the content and enhance the entertain of the speech.First, it would be graceful to know more about the category of audience as well as special guests if any. A successful speech is critically depending on the responses of audience. I would like to give you all a meaningful speech. Moreover, the duration of the speech is an essential part of a speech. Though I look the programs on that day would be tight. Thus, my time management should be fine tune. I am feel forward to a joyous and meaningful celebration for the Chinese National Day.

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Management Perspectives Essay Example for Free

heed Perspectives EssayA questionnaire was sent to a member of top management of seventy-six firms that have take EVA? type performance measures, forty of these firms having included the measure in their incentive compensation. Based on the respondents answers, EVA? erformance measures egress to help align the interests of management with those of the firms shareholders with the emphasis shifting from bottom-line earnings to earning more than the speak to of employed capital.The responses are compared with prior empirical work. In most cases, the observed results of management actions is consistent with the responses from this survey. This study resulted from work done for my dissertation from the University of Washington. I wish to thank my committee members Gary Biddle, Robert Bowen, Eric Noreen, Terry Shevlin, and Naomi Soderstrom.

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Corrective measures for today and the future Essay Example for Free

tonic measures for today and the future EssayThere are many ways to stop war drivers and hackers and these systems whitethorn be as simple or complex depending upon the nature of the network. First, one should understand that war drivers and hackers preempt easily tap into a network because of the plug-and play nature of modern devices. Also some ripe(p) security system systems such as the outfit Equivalency Privacy (WEP) system apply by 802. 11b wireless networks is plagued by some common errors in the system, including failure to engage it entirely by itself or engage WEP encryption key set at default. Thus, method such as WEP, IPSEC, and Wi-fi protected Access, DMZs, Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks go off be established to deter war drivers and hackers (War Driving, 2004). WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is basically a security protocol, specified in the IEEE Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) standard (which is 802. 11b) designed to provide the wireless fidelity a security level that matches a wired network. Security for a WLAN can be tricky, as access to a WLAN is not hindered by most physical barriers. WEP works by encrypting data before transmitting it to the wireless network.This encryption can be done in confederation with new(prenominal) protection methods such as password protection, end-to-end encryption and virtual private networks (VPNs) (Wired Equivalent Privacy, 2006). But WEP is not without it flaws, as proven by a research congregation from the University of California at Berkeley. The group was able to intercept and change data transmissions and gone as furthermost as gaining access to restricted networks and data. On the other and, WECA (Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance) claims that WEP is not the only security system method available for WLAN.WEP is popular because most consumers have put up much of their trust in WEP that other methods (Wired Equivalent Privacy, 2006). IPsec IPsec (Internet communications protoc ol Security) is defined as the backbone for a set of security protocols for network communications. IPsec claims to be effective in establishing virtual private networks and remote user access in dial-up accounts and private networks. One obvious advantage of IPsec is that security arrangements can be taken cared of without changing computers or users.CISCO (a major promoter of IPSEC) provides support for IPSEC on their network routers (IPsec, 2005). IPsec has two options for security service. First is the hallmark Header (AH), which basically authenticates the identity of the data sender and the other one is Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) which handles twain sender trademark and data encryption. Both services packages specific information into packets in a brain that follows the IP packet header. Separate key protocols can be selected for this such as the ISAKMP or Oakley protocol (IPsec, 2005).ISAKMP (Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol) is a coded protocol base on the IKE key telephone exchange protocol (ISAKMP, 2006). On the other hand, the Oakley protocol is a security system in which two genuine parties can exchange confidential material through the Internet (Oakley Protocol, 2006). Both protocols can be used on a secured connection and is defined by RFC (Request for Comments) 2408 and 2412 respectively. Wi-Fi Protected Access Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a new security protocol that was designed to replace WEP. It is technically an better version of WEP.Though WPA has improved data protection features, WEP is still considered to be best for domicil use. However, WEP is not recommended for corporate use because it is given to eavesdropping and hacking, because it is not able to handle the bulk of data that WPA is capable of handling. WPA uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) which uses pre-packet mixing function, extended initialization vector, and a re-keying mechanism. WPA is also said to have stronger user identification because it is based on 802. 1 xs and has an Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).Also WPA relies on RADIUS (a central authentication server) to identify each user Wi-Fi Protected Access, 2005). WPA is actually under IEEE 802. 11i, and there are rumors that a second version called WPA2 is on the works. It is also predicted that by 2003, there get out be software updates that will allow both the client and server to establish WPA in their system. Hotspots can then operate indoors a mix of WEP and WPA modes to support both home and corporate clients. In case of a home client, the identification system would be simpler than the one that will be issued for corporations (Wi-Fi Protected Access, 2005).

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Tootsie Roll Paper Essay Example for Free

Tootsie Roll Paper EssayTootsie Roll Industries Inc. Loan Package The financial debate of Tootsie Roll Industries brooks insightful details into thefinancial activities of the decades old organization. A financial statement is the summary cut across that shows how a firm has used the funds entrusted to it by its stockholders and lenders, and what is its current financial position (Financial statement, 2012). The company is cognize for products such(prenominal) as Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Roll Pops, Caramel Apple Pops, Childs Play, Charms, Blow Pop, Blue Razz, Cellas chocolate wraped cherries, Mason Dots, Mason Crows, Junior Mints, Junior Caramels, Charleston Chew, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, Andes, downy Stuff cotton candy, Dubble Bubble, Razzles, CryBaby, Nik-L-Nip and El Bubble (Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso, p. A-2, 2009).Strong financial statements aid Tootsie Roll Industries in the compliance of a loan package to increase companys total liabilities by 10%. A loan package req uires research to ensure that all details are met as well as a ratio analysis of liquidity, solvency, and profitability ratios. The company mustiness justify the reason for the need of the loan, such as expansion, inventory purchases, or debt retirement. Finally, Tootsie Roll Industries must provide an explanation of how the company plans to use the retort from the loan as well as how loan approval might affect the company. A loan package is the collection of documents associated with a specific loan application (Loan package, 2012).Loan packages are instrumental in the startup and growth of many small businesses because it provides initial funding and support. The process begins typically with a cover letter, whichincludes the business background, business nature, loan amount, loan purpose, repayment terms, loan benefits, business profile, and management experience (U.S. fine Business Association, n.d.). The borrower must provide proper documentation including knead 4 Applicati on for Business Loan, general anatomy 4-a Schedule ofPersonal History, Form 1624 Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion Lower Tier Covered Transactions, and Form 1846 Statement Regarding Lobbying (U.S. Small Business Association, n.d.).Lenders and borrowers must work together in order to apply for the almost applicable loan to the business. According to U.S. Small Business Association (n.d.), Borrowers should provide complete financial statements for the digest three years including balance sheets, income statements, and a reconciliation of net worth as well as a current (no more than 90 days old) interim financial statement (Business Financial Statements). The borrower must also provide projections to the creditor. The projections predict a year out or the positive flow of cash, which includes earnings, expenses, and the reasons understructure the projections (U.S. Small Business Association, n.d.).The borrow should include document ation to assist in the predications such as contracts of conduct proposals, franchise agreements, purchase agreements, articles of incorporation, plans, specifications, copies of licenses, letters of reference, letters of intent, and contracts partnership agreement (U.S. Small Business Association, n.d.). If the borrower does not provide the proper documentation to the creditor, then the borrower is not likely to receive loan approval. Financial statements are break supporting documents to the loan package.

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Luxury good Essay Example for Free

extravagance good Essay? Introduction 1. 1 Background of Study For high life product and brand in the past three decades, Chinese market is unprecedented booming. From Pierre Cardin dominate early, later Louis Vuitton Illustrious, to each proliferation of high life brands, the Chinese luxuriousness high-end consumer tasted bud grow vitality and enjoyed the excitement noisy fanatical pursuit of prodigality brands.While sumptuosity product appears to be the public think that is only a small telephone number of mickle merchantman be possessed of the products, but according to the Chinas current level of economic development and consumer buy level has been able to provide basic guarantee for the development of the sumptuosity industry. Actually in the Chinese dictionary, the meaning of luxury is synonymous with waste. And luxury goods in English is originated from Latin roots luxus, meaning is salutary reproductive capacity, this kind of description also expresses the luxury of the characteristics of too much and waste.But in the late society, the meaning itself has completed the transformation from negative to neutral. At the book luxury brand management, zhouyun, P. 2010 gives a table definition to luxury goods, which is luxury goods as a hope, a dream. Because it is the hopes and dreams, so it is haveing for the people, once people give birth can get intense pleasure and enjoyment, but also shows it is not the necessities of human life. At present, a very noteworthy trend is the concept of luxury of being extended outward.The concept of new luxury arises at the historic moment the new luxury refers to be those goods and services that better than other kindred products in the quality of goods, higher grade, better service, more fascinated node. However, these products are not cheap, but that does not mean it too expensive to afford (Michael Silverstein, 2005). Such as Apples IPOD, cell phone with new features, Swarovski, and so forth In recent years, Chinese consumers get become the largest consumer group of luxury brands in the world (Husband, 2010). gibe to a new report compiled by HSBC, about a quarter of the worlds luxury purchases are now do by Chinese citizens, which agent 25% of luxury goods. Go by means of the HSBC report it shows that in 2007, china only buying5% of luxury goods in the world. Its increasing by 5% each years and the expert think the number of increasing will be more and more. The purchasing of luxury goods was increasing by huge number and very fast speed. The increasing speed was equivalent with the China GDP growing (Bouee, 2012). Since 2000, the China economic GDP was increased a lot.Chinas gross home(prenominal) product stood at US$3. 38 one thousand million while Germanys GDP was USD $3. 32 trillion for 2007. This made China the worlds third largest economy by gross domestic product. base on these figures, in 2007 China recorded its fastest growth since 1994 when the GDP grew by 13. 1 share (Xin, 2009). The increasing economic was the most important reason to push Chinese buying Luxury goods. in that location are also many other factors that irritate people to buy luxury goods, owning luxury goods that means founder a kind of culture.In China, there mainly are three luxury consumer groups in China the rich flaunting fortune and manifesting identity, the young people gaining a sense of satisfaction and the bribers for mutual tacit consent and commercially hidden rules. (Wood, Zoe, 2011). For luxury brands, they want to take advantage in the Chinese market they moldiness know more about China market and understand the Chinese consumer purpose. Only based on the understanding of Chinese people buying behavior, the luxury goods companies can engender accurate and effective trade strategy.Therefore, this line of business is surnamed Factors that motivate customers towards buying decision of luxury product (A survey of Chinese customer in China). 1. 2 Problem Identification This cartoon is according to the situation of Chinese social luxury consumption, analysis the factors that affecting Chinese customer purchasing decision of luxury product in China. The study intends to evaluate whether the value of buying luxury products, the attitude towards people who own luxury goods, income level and consumption of buying luxury products that motivate customers towards buying decision of luxury product.Based on the statement above, the title of this study is Factors that motivate customers towards buying decision of luxury product (A survey of Chinese customer in China). 1. 3 Statement of Problem This study aimed to determine the Factors that motivate customers towards buying decision of luxury product in China specifically it shed answer to following Does the value of buying luxury products have arbitrary and significant family relationship with the customers buying decision? Does the attitude toward people who own luxury goods have commanding and significant relationship with the customers buying decision?Does the income level have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision? Does the purpose of buying luxury products have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision? 1. 4 inquiry Objectives Based on the preceding query questions, the research objective of study can be translated as follow To find out if the value of buying luxury products have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision. To find out if the attitude toward people who own luxury goods have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision.To find out if income level have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision. To find out if purpose of buying luxury products have positive and significant relationship with the customers buying decision. 1. 5 Significance of the Study 1. 5. 1 For researcher Research is a way that through the observed, robust, measurement and calculation to get the information what you want to need. So I can use the information of research to known what kind of factors that influence people buying the luxury products. 1. 5. 2 For luxury goods companiesThrough the research the luxury goods companies will understanding the customer buying behavior and decisions, so the companies can make accurate and effective marketing strategy to attract more customers. 1. 5. 3 For customer Through the research can guide the customer who buying the luxury goods has a right consumption view and values, buy luxury goods is focus on the intrinsic value rather than just for exhibit off wealth. 1. 5. 4 For future researcher Through the research, we can get some important entropy and the future researcher can use these data to do some analysis and get knowledge. 1.6 Definition of Terms Luxury goods In economics, a luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionall y as income rises, and is a contrast to a necessity good, for which demand increases proportionally slight than income. Luxury goods are often synonymous with superior goods. guest Psychology an academic and applied assure that involves the scientific study of customer mental functions and behaviors. Buying decision the buying decision is series of choices made by a consumer prior to making a purchase that begins once the consumer has established a willingness to buy.Customer motivation Consumer motivation is an internal state that drives people to identify and buy products or services that fulfil conscious and unconscious needs or desires. The fulfillment of those needs can then motivate them to make a repeat purchase or to find different goods and services to better fulfill those needs. Research methodology research methodology is a collective term for the structured process of conducting research. There are many different methodologies used in various types of research and th e term is usually considered to include research design, data gathering and data analysis.1. 7 Scope and Limitation 1. 7. 1 Scope This research idea is study Factors that motivate customers towards buying decision of luxury product of Chinese customer. 1. 7. 2 Limitation For this research, the point of accumulation of the study is a. Place of research is China or PU Chinese student b. Young people and adults c. Number of respondents limited to 80 peoples d. The time limited from January 2014 until March 2014 References 1. Zhouyun P. (2010). Luxury brand management, 45-87 2. Michael Silverstein, P. (2005).Trading Up The New American Luxury 3. Chadha, R. , Husband, P. (2010). The cult of the luxury brand Inside Asias love affair with luxury. capital of the United Kingdom Nicholas Brealey International. 4. Charles Edouard Bouee. (2012) A brand awareness upgrade Welcoming a new era in the Chinese luxury market 5. China revises 2007 GDP growth rate to 13%. Xinhuanet. 2009-01-15. Retri eved 2009-01-15. 6. Wood, Zoe. LVMHs remarkable Half-year Results Reveal Luxury Is Back in Fashion. The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 26 July 2011. Web. 20 Feb. 2012.

Cheesy Wheezy Essay Example for Free

inexpensive Wheezy EssayStarting as a small retail store in sunrise(prenominal) Glarus, Wisconsin, the Cheezy Wheezy firm had slowly grown into a chain of nine retail shops located in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. In recent years, nearly all its competitors had begun issuing catalogs, widely distri entirelyed in novel October, advertising gift packages of cheeses, jams, jellies, and other fancy food items. Henry Wilson, son of the firms founder, had persuade his father that Cheezy Wheezy should also issue a catalog. It was then March, and the last snows were melting. Henry Wilson had called his third stave meeting in as many weeks to discuss the catalog project. Present were Henry (whose title was frailness president) Susan Moore, the sales manager Jeff Bell, the inventory manager and Robert Walker, the traffic manager. Also present was Robert Caldwell, from a Milwaukee-based ad result that was handling many aspects of the catalog project. Moore and Caldwell ha d just finished describing the catalogs tentative design and the allotment of catalog pages to various growth lines.Caldwell then said, We argon to the point w present we must design the order shape, which give be stapled inside the center pages. It will be a single 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet. The guest will remove it from the catalog, complete it, fold it into the envelope shape, lick the gummed lines, and mail it in. The order form will be on one side of the sheet. On the other will be the book of instructions for folding and Cheezy Wheezys mailing address in New Glarus the remainder of the space will be ads for some impulse items. Right now were thinking of a Santa Clausshaped common fig molded out of cheese. Enough of that, said Wilson, this group isnt here to discuss Santa dolls. Were here to design the order form.We may also choose to talk a little c sufferly sell terms. Susan? Responding to her cue, Moore said, Our biggest problem is how to handle the transportation an d shipping be. Weve studied all our competitors catalogs. Some absorb the cost into the products price, some charge by weight of the order, some charge by money nurse of order, and some ship COD. How important ar shipping be, Susan? asked Bell. Plenty, was her response. They run $2 to $3 for a 1- or 2-pound package. If you contend a pound of cheese that we sell in our retail stores for $2, here atomic number 18 our cost if it goes by catalog cost of goods, $1 order management, 50 cents overhead, including inventory carrying costs, 50 cents packaging for shipment, 50 cents and transportation costs to any point in the United States ranging between $1. 75 and $3. 20. If, however, were dealing with bigger shipments, the relative costs vary. Im non following you, said Wilson. Its the likes of this, responded Moore.The livelongsale cost of cheese to us is the resembling per pound, no matter how much is sold. Order-processing costs argon approximately the same for each order w ell be receiving by mail. Overhead and inventory carrying costs are always present but may be allocated in a variety of ways. Packaging costs are also about the same per order. They go up only a few cents as we move to larger cartons. Transportation costs are hard to describe because of their tapers. Right now our whole catalog project is bogged down with the problem of transportation cost tapers. Tapers? said Wilson, staveing to Walker. Youve never told me about tapers before. It sounds like some kind of animal. Thats tapir, t-a-p-i-r, said Walker. Were talking about tapers, t-a-p-e-r-s. Oh, said Wilson. What are they? When one ships small packages of cheese, said Walker, rates are based on two factors, the weight existence shipped and the distance. As weight or distance increases or boththe rates go up but not as quickly. This is called the tapering principle. To ship 2 pounds of cheese from New Glarus to St. Louis costs $2. 40 3 pounds cost $3. 30 5 pounds cost $4. 60 and s o on.One hundred poundsno, 50 pounds is a better example because some of the parcel services well be using wont take 100 pounds50 pounds would cost $21. Theres also a distance taper. The 2-pound shipment that costs $2. 40 to St. Louis is $3. 40 to Denver and $4. 15 to Los Angeles. Cant we use the average transportation costs? asked Bell. Thats what we do with inventory carrying costs. Wont work, said Caldwell. Youll be overpriced for small, short-distance shipments and will lose sales. For heavy long shipments, youll be underpriced and will make so many sales that you might presently go belly up. Wilson shuddered and inquired, Does that mean we charge by weight and by distance? Moore answered, Its not that easy. In the cheese business, people buy by the pound, but shipping weightswhich include packagingare actually more.A guest who orders 3 pounds of cheese is in fact receiving 3 pounds of cheese cocksure 6 ounces of packaging materials. I wish we could sell a pound of cheese that consisted of 14 ounces of cheese and 2 ounces of packing material, but that would be illegal at worst, and of questionable ethics, at best. We have the same problems with distance, added Walker. Were trying to sell in 50 states, but who knows how far they are from New Glarus? We could have tables and maps in the catalog, but they take up valuable selling space. Also, if it looks too complex, we may just turn off some potential customers before they complete their orders. Some of our clients have another problem, added Caldwell, and that is split orders. The customer will want 10 pounds of cheese, but it will be five 2-pound packages sent to five dissimilar locations. That has an impact on both packaging and transportation costs. So, what do we do? asked Wilson.

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Analyse How an Adaptation of Your Choice Deals with Gender - Catwoman Essay Example for Free

Analyse How an Adaptation of Your Choice Deals with Gender Catwo hu adult malekind EssayThe representation of cleaning ladyish crack heroes in the media can be said to energize had huge institutional, political and social influences that would suggest those in role are favoured at the expense of those with bulge. Female crack heroes tend to promote sexualisation and stereotypical sexual activity social functions of women, throughout comic books and super hero movies, but why? In this essay I provide look at the character of Catwoman, and her representation as a feminine, particularly in the 2004 adaptation get hold of Catwoman. Origin anyy, she is an iconic character in the batman series. Created in 1940 by Bob Kane (batman creator) and Bill Finger, she has had a strong battlefront in batman comics and adaptations since past. Her situation as a mysterious burglar and jewel thief led her to only if miss out on a place in the top ten, ranking 11th in IGNs Top c co mic book Villains of all time (2009) and 51st in Wizard magazines 100 greatest villains of all time list (2006). The character has been used in hundreds of comic books, as intumesce as video games, radio stations, TV series, animated series and films.Although she is featured in mostly batman productions and texts, Catwoman was inclined her first comic book series in 1993, written mostly by Jim Balent. Several geezerhood down the line, Catwoman stared as the lead role in the feature film, made in 2004. The movie was an caseful of post feminism at its best, as in the 1970s, only 15% of action adventure movies stick out female leads. The movie was directed by Pitof and was released on July 23 by Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures. The cast members allow Halle cull, who plays Catwoman, Benjamin Bratt, Sharon Stone and Frances Conroy.I have chosen to analyse this movie because females are not unremarkably given dominant roles in superhero movies, especially as the lead ch aracter. There are many stereotypes that frame women, and I conceptualise this movie challenges those. The film was inspired by the DC comics villain of the equal name, even stars a youthful character, Patience Phillips. There are several similarities to the original character. For example, she has similar tallyice mull over and is killed by someone she works for. In the 1992 movie staring Michelle Pfeiffer, she uncovers a dark secret in the company and is thrown to her death from a great height.The plot for the more recent movie is truly like its predecessor. In both versions she is brought back to life by a group of wild cats. precisely the most relevant similarity is her appearance and costume. Throughout the film, Catwoman is rationalizeed in a tight ignominious latex costume, black connoting mystery and evil. This material is often associated with sexuality it clings to her body and shows off her curves. Over the days her costumes have become even more provocative, with this Catwoman being more fetish than ever.These clothes represent Catwoman as a sexual image to be looked at by the opposite sex. Laura Mulvey describes this as the Male Gaze. She explains In their traditional exhibitionist role, women are simultaneously looked at and displayed with their appearance, coded for strong visual and tingling impact so it can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness. (1975, p33). It is arguable that woman in the literary literary genre of action, drama and super hero are not represented as women, alternatively an object of sexual desire. The women featured in such(prenominal) genres are slim, pretty, and all wear tight clothing.Lillian Robinson refers to woman super heroes as a marijuana cigarette up girl in a cape, rather than genuine characters (2006). The skimpy outfit has great erotic significance (Richard Reynolds 1994) and could create a negative portrayal of females, as well as being a very bad influence for the young women and girls who watch the movie, or read the comics. Clearly, the media heavily influences teenagers already. They follow the current fashion trends from celebrities, coolest haircuts, and they diet and loose weight to look like the people they see on TV and in magazines.They look up to the people in the media, and the image of Halle Berry in the cat suit, may encourage young girls to objectify themselves in a similar way. Already, Playboy as a instigant has become a fashionable thing, for young girls even at the age of 8. They have the playboy bunny girl pencil cases, posters and duvet covers. Just like this, cat woman may encourage youthful girls to dress inappropriately with increased sexuality. Even Catwomans make-up connotes sexualisation. Her lips are painted scarlet red, which draws your attention on-key to her mouth, as well as being the colour of lust to stimulate sexual arousal.This idea is ascribable to the fact men and women have more blood flowing through their lips whilst arouse d, turning them a darker shade. Halle Berry was most likely cast because of her beauty. Her eyes, lips, body and sex appeal come before everything else in the movie, (Roger Ebert, 2006). The conductor of this movie has chosen to portray her as an object of sexual desire for men, rather than a role model for the power and liberation of women. Typical of Hollywood movies, the overtly sexualised view of women is rooted in the darkest house of male desire, (Kevin Maher, 2005).She appears powerful and dominant, except, she is in fact the opposite, and inferior to the gaze of men. Laura Mulvey says in her book Visual pastime and Narrative Cinema, Women as image, men as bearer of the look, (1975). Personally this idea is predictable and brings nothing new to the genre. Wonder Woman first appeared on screen wearing a gold bra and blue devil knickers, and in those 36 years gone by, you have to ask yourself, why do superheroes lease to be dressed so provocatively? Why cant the action he ro fight offense and kick ass in a baggy jumper and a pair of dungarees? Kevin Maher, 2005).I believe the reason behind this is due to the fact that the representation of characters such as Catwoman and Wonder Woman where created by those with power over women. The institution DC comics created both in the 1940s, which was largely if not entirely controlled by men. Women had no control over their creation and as powerful as Catwoman may be, she is still just an image of the male gaze. Created in a time where females had no authority, they where not able to argue against what could be considered as an unfair representation.Angelia McRobbie has a theory in defence of this sexualised representation, and believes men did not create this image. Women have gained the equality they where fighting for, and at one time they are using their assets to their advantages. In this case, Catwoman is willingly showing of her body to get the male gaze, because it gives her power over men. She summa rises that post feminism positively draws on and invokes feminism, (1994). However its not all negative, Over time things have changed, the presence of female leads in the super hero genre has increased, and to an extent therefore, time has favoured the female lead.Some 50 years ago, males where seen as the hero, there to protect the imperfect women. Superman and Lois Lane are a classic example of where the lead role is given to a man, he is strong and courageous, while Lois is inferior to him, she has no special abilities and relies on him completely. However, the number of women in this genre proves a success for the feminist woman and an improvement in todays society. Iconic actresses such as Angelina Jolie and Uma Thurman have stared as the female lead in modern action movies.Lara Croft, tomb Raider and Kill Bill are both examples of woman taking active roles, and how accepting it is in this particular genre. Jolie also stared in Mr and Mrs Smith, which showed her as an equal to her conserve, just as strong and just as capable of fulfilling the dominant lead. Catwoman has evolved over time, first known as The Cat in DC comics she then progressed onto TV screens. Her sexual appearance made her an object of desire to the eyes of the male audience, and a role model to girls who wanted to be her, Suzan Colon (2004).In the Halle Berry adaptation, Catwoman is reborn a new woman, sleek, sexy, manque and not held back by the restraints of society. She is rebellious and follows her own desires as a feline crime fighter. This representation of Catwoman forces the question that perhaps contemporary women are constrained by the rules of society and are not free. Catwoman challenges the female stereotype and adopts the masculine lead role in this superhero movie. She is a protagonist, separatist and capable of standing alone. A crucial stage setting in the movie shows Catwoman arguing with a large masculine looking man.She demands he turn down his music, which re sults in her physically attacking him. The argument ends with him lying on the floor with her origination on top of him. This scene portrays her as superior to the man, and the physical pose makes him vulnerable to her. This scene is important, because when she was her gentlemans gentleman self, known as Patience, the man would not listen to her. As Catwoman, her voice is heard. Simone de Beauvior Invokes the independent women who wants to be active, wants to tamp things for themselves and refuses the passivity men try and want to impose on her.The modern woman accepts masculine value she prides herself on thinking, getting a job and working to pay her own way, existing on the very(prenominal) terms as man, (1949). Catwoman does exactly that. She completely demolishes powder-puff stereotypes at the end of the movie when she rejects the love pursual and chooses to be a free independent woman. She is not reliant on anyone, especially a man and because of that, I believe this mov ie demonstrates a victory for women. Freedom is power (Catwoman, 2004). Motivated by revenge, no man stands in her way.However another scene tells a very different story and shows off Catwoman as purely a vision of sexual desire. As she is transformed from patience Phillips, into Catwoman, supposedly now free and independent, we are reminded of her physical qualities. Reminded is an understatement actually its thrown in our faces. As she walks across a rooftop the camera angle starts from her feet, moves up her legs and to the top of her body. Paying particular attention to her bum, first impressions are everythingThis scene completely confirms Mulveys theory, and as Liz Wells suggests, certain films objectify the female star, (2004). However Catwoman is not the only dominant female in this movie. Hedare Beauty is the company Patience works for, and is run by a man named George, or so you are made to believe. Yet in fact, the one calling all the shots is his wife, laurel. She is co ntrolling the strings of her puppet husband and forces him to her way of thinking. She is an evil, sinister character, full of greed, and in the end she kills her husband in cold blood.She is the villain in this movie, but also a woman in power and free from the constraints of society. In the early 1970s, after the second wave of feminism, more women were gaining better professions and breaking out of the stereotypical roles. The post modern figure of a female became more appealing to both genders, and resulted in women wanting to achieve higher status in the world of work. An example of such acceptance was seen in the recently released song by male pop artist Ne-Yo, called Miss Independent.This continues the suggestion of the need for change in the way female super heroes where represented in order to capture the post-modern audience. Catwoman and Laurel Hedare are both great examples of female presence in superhero movies and the result of female empowerment. Judith Butler brings an kindle theory to the table. She believes gender is free floating, rather than fixed, that males and females arent simply masculine and feminine. She says that gender is a performance, rather than an aspect of our identity and we behave differently on different occasions.This theory suggests Catwoman isnt necessarily challenging gender roles by taking on the masculine super hero, but rather an act shes choosing to play. Women can be masculine because the individual chooses their gender identity. When the constructed status of gender is theorized as radically independent of sex, gender itself becomes a free floating artifice, with the consequence that man and masculine might just as easily signify a female body as a male one, and woman and feminine a male body as easily as a female one (Judith Butler, 1990, p6).interestingly she suggests that if there where no longer conventional roles for either gender it would be considered the norm for a woman to be in a position of power at wo rk or for a man to stay at home looking after the children. After looking into the history of Catwoman, her creation, and other adaptations in the past, I believe her image is over sexualised. The film is centralised around a beautiful woman, wearing the sexy, tight black costume to do none other than attract male attention.They do however promote that she is a powerful woman and has the freedom to do as she pleases. The fact that a female is the lead role in a movie of this genre is a positive thing. Although the message leftover behind is that to have freedom and power, you have to entail being objectified. In the end, this movie has done the same as its predecessors, portray woman in a sexualised, unrealistic and in a possibly insult way.